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This study Pack The perfect Success Secret to becoming a FELLOW of the West African Post Graduate”


 Hello dear Busy professional    


I am Titilayo Ogieriakhi, I am married with two lovely children… 

I am also a fellow of the West African Post Graduate College of Pharmacist  


I became a fellow in 2017 and I had to also be a mum and fufill my daily work schedule at the office    


How did I get this done    


I will tell you in a moment, but here is a little background on that    


My fellowship journey started in 2014 and I became a fellow in 2017    


Joggling the roles of a wife, mother , Superintendent Pharmacist and student was a Herculean task, here is my certificate below


It seemed an up-hill task but I was determined to excel and that I did.


Ask me how?    


I started summarizing all the lecture notes for easy comprehension and possible “mobile reading” – heard any such word before now?    




Any way…    


I did that, shared with some friends, had tutorials and BOOM!!! we passed!    


Since this worked for Part 1, the same was applied to Part 2 and the result was not any different.    


Using this my summarized note approach, I passed part 1 and Part 2 and became a fellow…  


Something very interesting happened afterwards    


A Colonel in the Nigerian army came across my summarized notes and asked that I produce same for him at a fee and guess what? He passed too and here is His Testimonial about it

A Guide for Excelling in WAPCPharm Fellowship Exams

The WAPCP program started in the year …..

Part of the requirement for starting the Fellowship program at inception was 5 years post graduation experience, later on, it was reduced 2 years post qualification as a pharmacist.

The program runs in 2 parts (part I n II) for a period of 4 years which was later reviewed to run for 5 years incuding 2 years Residency period.

Part I covers general aspect of pharmacy profession in its entirety, hence the part I syllabus is so wide.

This is why comparatively, part I is more difficult to pass.

Averagely over the years, only about 10 to 15 % participants pass the part I exams, hence there is a need for a guide in form of a comprehensive smart summary of the whole course work for both parts I and II.

The Program covers 5 faculties namely; Social and Admin, Drug production and Quality Assurance, ….).

Due to the wide scope of the Part I, the need for me to make a smart summary of the courses became imperative.

This is why I made a summary of the whole Part I course work which guided me to pass the Part I exams against all odds.

Consequently, I thought of making a similar summary for my Part II course work but I was too busy, hence I motivated my classmate and good friend (Pharm Titilayo) to help me make a summary of the part II Courses and she obliged me to do that, sequel to which I only added a few other summaries to enable me get ready for the Part II exams, which the 2 of us pass.

Unknown to me, just like I made a smart summary for my Part I Courses before the Exams, she also did the same in her part I (thus, making a smart summary of course work was our common denominator).

This prompted Madam Titilayo to contact me to request I should send her a copy of the part II summary that she made for me which included the few other notes I added.

She then made a compilation of the Part I and II Summaries to produce the Fellowship Examinations guide.

Based on my personal experience, any student that painstakingly peruse this guide and make conscious efforts to understand the scientific principles and concepts in the FPCPharm program needs only to synchronise such knowledge with Pharmaceutical Care and related pharmacy practice activities and he/she will surely pass the exams (Part I general and Part II Social and Administrative Pharmacy).

Therefore a little hardwork following this Exams Guide will make focussed participants pass their exams at one sitting.

I hereby recommend the Guide to Participants to grab a copy.

Colonel LD BUBA
FPCPharm BPharm MPH LLB(in view)

Knowing the challenge of consuming the part 1 and Part 2 materials    


I decided to make my summarized note available to you so you can use it to Ace yours too    




Are you a Pharmacist?


Do you want to step up  to being a consultant?    


Are you time constrained?    


Do you think being a consultant is impossible ?    


Is carrying those bulky lecture notes to work and back a burden for you?   




You are at the right place at the right time.    


Then click on this link  below to access the Full Part 1 and Part 2 summarized note…    

You can get Access to Part 1 for 37 dollars (₦13,200) or you can also get part 2 only for 37dollars (₦13,200)

Once I give access to more than 20 students I will take it back to 54 dollars (₦20,000) dollars    


But you can get it both part 1 and 2 at 62 dollars (₦22,200) currently and save 11 dollars (₦4,400)   


Why am I doing this?    


This is my first time of offering this publicly    


And I am doing this for these reasons.    

1. I want you to pass once without any repeats cos this is what happened to me and everyone that took it with me    


2. I don’t want you to waste money… As failing it means you pay another fee which is much more than the investment     


3. I know you can’t afford to withstand the pain of failing     


4. Next time I make this public it will never be at this cost    

once payment is made and completed you will


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What to get in this part

54 dollars (₦20,000)     37 dollars (₦13,200)


What to get in this part

54 dollars (₦20,000)     37 dollars (₦13,200)


11 dollars (₦4,400)   


72 dollars (₦26,400)     62 dollars (₦22,200)

The combination of both PART 1 and PART 2 together

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From Yours sincerely, on your successful fellowship journey.  


Titilayo Ogieriakhi ( B.Pharm. arpa, Fwapcp)  


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