The Eureka Challenge

The Many Voices in your head….

Are you that person who has an a strong opinion about something really dear to you and you wonder how do you make people get your point of view?

I noticed that about myself some years ago… No matter what is said about a particular topic, I make my own conclusions

That’s not the only part,

When I get to share my own conclusions with my friend or any small group of people

I receive so many head knods and round of applause

It was exciting at first you know, and I loved the attention, I really loved it

I was getting noticed and that was fine, untill I had the opportunity to share a topic on marketing with a group of school leaders

I was ready to share up untill 5 hours to the lecture, it was meant to be a chat session really

So I thought what if I am asked to share the summary of what was shared after the lessons.

I immediately sat down and under about 120minutes I wrote out a 25 page eBook.

It was so interesting writing this Ebook that I never believed that they would actually pay to get this ebook

I know that ebook is a thing really, I knew

But to create one that bears my own name, was something I never believed would happen


From that Ebook I went on to write over 25 ebooks for the same audience

See a list of some of the ebooks below

I went ahead to create what I called my inner circle where go through one ebook a month which I authored


This community has grown into 1000 readers currently, we also share our thoughts on WhatsApp here is a screenshot of the current group


After writing 25 ebooks, I developed a very simple process for cranking out ebooks.

I don’t mean A.I powered Ebooks, I am taking about writing transformational ebooks that can build a brand and community for you


I built a 24,000 community just from writing one Ebook, and that Ebook gave birth to all other ebooks


If you follow my system of writing your ebook you will not just have an ebook you will have a Methodology for creating transformation in everyone that meets you


I call my ebook writing system the Authority Brand System it’s an ebook method that helps you create a community of people who will fall in love with the ideas you present to them


Why you ask?

These ideas are presented in five major steps using the Authority Brand System ™


1. Methodology:- We create first a methodology for this ebook that makes it function more than an ebook to a transformational material for anyone that needs it

2. Market:- We determine the market best fit for the ebook you are creating so you don’t have an issue getting sales for this ebook of yours

3. Message:- We also work on how you title your Ebook so it can capture immediate attention

4. Money:- We look at how at pricing strategies for your Ebook


5. Mentor:- It will be structured in such a way that we can go through this together, you will not be left alone.

See this is really designed for you if you

1. Have an opinion you would love to really share to the world but you don’t know how

2. You have some point here and there but want to articulate it into a valuable material that people will be willing to pay for

3. This is your very first attempt at creating an ebook

4. You can commit 4 weeks to create your first e-book

Then this Is for you, to join this Eureka Challenge

We are about to organise Light bulb moments that will put your ideas 💡 there into the universe

And then in return bring you

1. Recognition

2. Applause

3. Satisfaction

4. Income

Here is what you get for joining this exciting challenge

1. You will work with mee directly while I guide you in creating your first E-book in 4 weeks

2. You will have access to an online video programme that shows you details of what you have missed

3. We will get access to a weekly Zoom sessions get into the ebook creation process

So how do you access all of this you ask?

Pretty simple

This challenge goes for $299, and that’s still a steal at that price

Cause what you are about to create

Challenge Ends in: