Why Are Many Women Turning to Ruzu Bitters For Relief From Menstrual Pain & Fibroid?

It Is Because It Works!



One of the people I recommended your Ruzu Bitters to is a friend who has a teenage daughter who suffers from notorious and regular dysmenorrhea. At school, when the pain comes heavily, they call the mum to come pick her from school. Since she started giving her this product, the daughter no longer has the notorious pain

– Shared by Mrs Afolabi, Egbeda



The first time I came across this product on your site, I was skeptical about it because I have tried other “bitters” that didn’t work. After trying the first bottle, I had to order for 3 more to share with some of my friends. Please, how can I become a distributor?

– Amaka from Lagos



August last year, scans revealed it was fibroids in some delicate places in the womb and I was scheduled for surgery but I opted to try Ruzu (introduced to me by my Sis, Mrs Fadekemi Somolu). I’ve been on Ruzu since September 2016, and I’ve seen great changes! No more pains! Nobody knows again when I’m on my period!

Ruzu Bitters is Different & It Works Because…

  1. Ruzu Bitters is a product of several years of extensive research. It is produced by combining 3 highly medicinal herbs (these herbs have been used for several years to treat even very stubborn conditions) and it has been getting remarkable results and testimonies.


  2. Ruzu Bitters is different from all other bitters in that it’s 100% natural, no alcohol, no additives and no artificial preservatives


  3. Ruzu Bitters is capable of reversing organ damage by repairing damaged cells. This is the reason why Ruzu appears to be able to effectively mediate in the treatment of many diseases and can be used for both preventive and curative purposes.


  4. Ruzu Bitters not a 60 day trial product. You can start seeing the effects in under 24 hours

Why Should I Buy Ruzu Bitters From B3Boost?


While it is true that we are not the only ones selling Ruzu, there are 3 main reasons why you should buy it on this website. The 3 reasons are:



Most distributors who sell the same 500ml size of Ruzu bitters that we sell do so for prices like N6000 above (without shipping) – Don’t even get me started on when you want to buy 2 bottles from them.

When you buy your Ruzu Bitters at B3Boost, you will not only save some money but you will also get these other advantages.



We are the only people who tell people exactly how to use Ruzu to solve the exact problem they are having and this is because we truly care.

Others just sell Ruzu to you and expect you to figure out the rest all by yourself.

Unlike them, when you buy Ruzu Bitters from this page, you will also get a special instructional guide that walks you through how to use Ruzu Bitters for Menstrual pain and Fibroid. This short instructional guide will be sent to you after you place your order.



This is another big one. Unlike others, we don’t believe in getting money that we don’t work for.

If you try Ruzu and you are not satisfied with it, please feel free to send us an empty bottle and we will promptly refund your money.

We Only Sell the 500ml Size



1 Bottle (500ml) – N7000

2 Bottles (500ml – N10,500

3 Bottles (500ml) – N14,000

4 Bottles (500ml) – N17,500

Shipping and packaging cost is already included in the pricing. Just place your order using the instructions below and join the many people that Ruzu has given relief to.



A customer I sold Ruzu to shared this testimony:

She has fibroid, the growth is big & very painful to her. She has been given appointment for surgery. She bought a bottle of Ruzu & after three days of taking it, she went for a check up on appointment. The doctor expressed surprise at d result of d test & scan.The doctor then inquired to know the type of drugs that performed such magic. The customer excitedly answered & said Ruzu. Of course, the doctor has never heard of Ruzu before then. Doctor advised that she takes three bottles more and observe before February that d surgery is to take place. She was so excited at d way Ruzu worked on her within 3 days. She saw some lumps coming out of her menstrual flow.   

Shared by Jenny (distributor)



Either you are in Lagos, Abuja or Kaduna, we have got you covered. Place your order for Ruzu Bitters by using any of the 2 ordering methods below





Payment on delivery means you are not required to pay us a dime until the products are secure in your hands.

To place your order, just click the red ORDER NOW button below and it will take you to the order form where you can fill in your details.





This is straightforward.

You can pick up your Ruzu Bitters and accompanying guide at our office or send someone to pick it up for you.

Our office address is:

2nd XXXXXXXX Lagos

The office opens ONLY from 10am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays.

FREE From Painful Periods & Fibroids


Sometime last year, I introduced Ruzu Bitters to a young lady. According to her, she experienced very painful periods which did not flow well coupled with excruciating pain on her sides which lasted for at least 14 days each month. When she used the first bottle of Ruzu, the pain stopped, her menses flowed very well, first flushing out what she described as ‘very dirty blood’. Secondly, she said that she stooled mucus like substance. All symptoms of fibroid ceased. I instructed her to go back for a scan but she refused and kept on using Ruzu.

However, few days ago, she called to tell me she had gone for a scan. The testimony is that, there’s no trace of fibroid in her uterus anymore.  (Shared by Rachel Oshanisi)

Still Have Questions?


Here Are Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions About Ruzu Bitters


QUESTION: Is this product NAFDAC approved?

ANSWER: Yes, Ruzu Bitters is NAFDAC approved.

QUESTION: How Should I Use It?

ANSWER: We have created specific usage instructions on how to use Ruzu Bitters for Menstrual pain and Fibroid. This instruction guide will be sent to you once you place your order

QUESTION: When Will I Start Seeing the Effects?

ANSWER: From our experience, you can start seeing the effect of using Ruzu Bitters within a day depending on the patient’s condition and body system.

QUESTION: Does Ruzu Has Any Side Effects?

ANSWER: No. Ruzu Bitters has no side effects of any kind.

But do not take it if you are pregnant or having severe diarrohea.

The only side effect of Ruzu Bitters is that it might cause you to take frequent visits to the toilet in some cases.

QUESTION: Does Ruzu Bitters Work For Fibroid?

ANSWER: Fibroid is a benign growth, an example of normal cells growing abnormally, a condition which has a correlation with oxidative stress that Ruzu deals with. The fact that Ruzu can maintain and repair cells also reduces the chances that fibroid will survive. The good news is that Ruzu Bitters has helped a lot of women to be free from Fibroid.

QUESTION: How Long Will It Take to Get these Products to Me?

ANSWER: If you are in Lagos or nearby states, you will get the product within 24 – 48 hours. But for other states, you will get them within 3-5 days maximum from the date you placed the order

QUESTION: How Can I Buy More of this product?

ANSWER: It is simple. To order for more of these products, simply call us on 081XXXXXX to place your order or send an email to help@XXXXXXX to tell us the products you want and we will send them to you.


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