This weird powder gave me a bigger manhood PLUS 7 minutes extra bedtime

(this is how it happened)



by Uncle James | May 22, 2017

Permit me to share a new but exciting discovery of mine with you.

7 weeks ago, I read a fascinating article about how people who take Viagra suddenly find out that their erect penis is much bigger and they last longer in bed.
(sometimes more than they want to)

When I read that article last month, I wanted to find out if my erections could be a lot bigger but I wasn’t willing to try out Viagra.


The reason is:

Viagra has some deadly side effects that I am not willing to endure for the rest of my life.

E.g. It is widely known that 6 out of 10 men who use Viagra end up with deadly side effects like high blood pressure, vision changes or even permanent impotence.

So, Here is What I Did.


I went online to search for the magic ingredient that made Viagra work and if there are similar supplements with no side effects.

What I found out was interesting:

Viagra is actually based on the results of a research by 3 scientists who won Nobel Laureate in 1998 for their work.

What these 3 scientists found out was a chemical (Nitric oxide)

They found out that this Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessels and improves blood circulation in the body including smooth muscles in the penis, thus tackling the number one reason for weak/semi erections and producing massive and long lasting erections.

Poor Blood Flow Within the Body Is the Number One Reason For Semi/Weak Erections – and the Painful Feeling of Being Unable to Perform in Bed as a Real Man

Please take a look at the image below – to have a better understaning of what I am explaining here.


The image in the left with yellow arrows shows the state of your arteries (Constricted) at the moment which results in low blood circulation and semi-hard or weak erections.

But the image on the right shows how happy your arteries look (dilated) due to Nitric Oxide which results in superb blood circulation, thunderous erections and longer bed time.

This Nitric Oxide is the magic ingredient in Viagra that gave some men super hard erections.


Like I said – Viagra forces the body to produce Nitric Oxide which is why it causes side effects.

After doing some research online…I eventually found a safe and natural product called ARGI+ and it is in form of a whitish brown powder.

I started using this ARGI+ middle of April and here is what I found.

Please, note that these things are personal but I need to share them with you


  • My erections are much more longer and robust than ever (Now 7.4 inches compared to normal 6.5 inches)

  • I last longer in bed than normal (7 minutes without even trying)

  • I am able to get another erection within 17 minutes after orgasm (I normally have to wait about 30 minutes before I am ready for another round)

  • The best part is that there are no side effects, instead I just feel stronger.

This powder (ARGI+) is different from Viagra because:


(1) ARGI+ is NOT a chemical drug. Instead of forcing Nitric Oxide in your body, it contains a miracle molecule (L-Arginine) that converts into Nitric Oxide to improve blood circulation and massive erections

(2) Unlike Viagra, this brown powder is made from all natural ingredients and has zero side effects.

(3) ARGI+ tastes really good and it contains other Vitamins to support your body functions.

AND…the product is NAFDAC Certified

All you have to do is mix a spoonful of ARGI+ in water and drink it once daily. Just one spoon daily.

Here is what it looks like when you mix it in water.

This one daily spoon of ARGI+ will do the work of naturally relaxing your blood vessels so that blood can flow effectively in your body down to the penis and when the time for action comes, you will be rewarded with bigger erections that last longer than usual.



When I purchased  ARGI+ for my personal use, I bought 14 cans for N14,000 each.

“A friend of mine who saw them in my office got one of the products right after I bought them and just last week, he told me that his wife has been asking him for where he got the product that turned him to this Spartacus sort of person – and even hinting that he should stop using it for a while due to his increased sexual energy.”

Anyway, since I took one can and my friend took another can, I now have 12 cans of ARGI+ remaining in my office right now.

I want you too to experience the effects of this powder so that you can send in your testimonies and we can use them by the time we start selling the product at full price.

But Instead of selling these cans of ARGI+ to you at a profit, here is what I am doing if you act fast.

Just pay for my cost of buying 1 can of ARGI+ and the cost of shipping it to you and it will be sent to you.

Like I said, the Argi+ cost me N14,000 per can and one can contains 30 spoonfuls which will last you for a month (at 1 spoonful per day)

If you are interested in getting a can of this wonder-powder at this No-Extra cost price, just SMS the following details to 081XXXXX:


– ARGI powder
– Your Full Name
– Your Email Address
– Your Phone Number
– The Full Address Where you Want the Product to be Sent to

 Once you do that, someone will call you to let you know the little amount you will be paying for shipping (can’t be more than N2000) and your can of ARGI powder will be sent to you immediately.

 Payment is on delivery.

Again, there are only 12 cans available at the moment and I am not selling these at a profit.

If you want one, just follow the instructions above.

Have a great week.

P.S – If you are over 40 years old, I would suggest that you add an extra natural supplement to your order. This supplement is known as Multi-Maca made from some powerful ancient roots known as Maca.

What this Multi-Maca does in summary is that it helps your body to be younger.
Normally, one bottle (60 tablets) cost N18,000 but if you are getting ARGI+, we will let you have it for N10,000. Just include it in the SMS you are sending.

P.P.S – If you want to see wonders with this ARGI+, just mix it with palm wine instead of water.




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