Even if baldness runs in your family…


You Can Actually Stop Hair Loss and Completely Regrow Your Dark, Beautiful Hair…


Thanks to this Ancient Therapy From India

Dear friend,

Are you losing your hair and going bald?

Are you worried because you are about to turn into another Papa Ajasco in town as a result?

Have you spent a lot of money on various over the counter products and prescriptions?

Are you looking for a solution that truly works to permanently end your baldness and re-grow healthy, lasting hair?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above and you are under age 65, then you are about to lay your hands on a truly effective natural remedy that permanently stops hair loss and helps you to completely regrow your hair.

Very Soon…You Can Be Like These Men


It All Starts With an Ancient System of Medicine In India…

Back in India, there is an ancient system of medicine (the oldest in the world) known as Ayurveda

This system of medicine has a unique remedy for fighting hair loss and results from sveral people have shown that it is very effective.

This Indian remedy is highly effective because it doesn’t  just treat the symptoms of hair loss, it attacks the root cause as well (DHT)

This Powerful Remedy Works By Using the Right Combination of Herbs and Herbal Oils to Tackle the Root Cause of the Hair Loss

If you have ever purchased any of the products we sell on B3Boost, I believe you know by now that we only sell products that have been proven to work.

So far, 9 out of 10 people who tried it have gotten amazing results from it.

How Do You Apply this Remedy?

There are 2 parts to applying this remedy according to Ayurvedic experts.

The 2 parts are Internal and External.

INTERNAL: This part is applied by ingesting herbs, food or supplement that supply your body with the various nutrients needed (E.g Biotin, Niacin etc) by your body to help you stop hair loss and regrow your hair.

You also need to be drinking enough water as well on a daily basis.

EXTERNAL: This part is applied directly on your scalp to stimulate hair growth and it is what requires more attention.

This external part of this indian therapy is where you directly apply herbs and herbal oils directlyon your scalp to overcome the body chemical that is making you bald and you achieve this by combining…

The 2 Most Effective and Readily Available Herbs For Treating Loss of Hair

The names of these 2 herbs are Jojoba and Aloe Vera.

Today, in study after study, it has been discovered that when you combine Jojoba oil with other powerful hair growing herbs like Aloe Vera and essential oils like coconut oil…etc



The Perfect and Natural “Hair Growth Formula” that Stops Hair Loss and Triggers Your Body to Regrow New, Healthy Hair

This natural hair growth formula helps you to stop hair loss resulting from thinning, hair breakage etc mainly by combining 2 of the most powerful hair loss ingredients in history (Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera) and Hair Vitamins

And you can start seeing visible results within 27 days.

With this Hair Growth Formula, You Will…

  • No longer will you have to waste money on useless sprays and other useless hair loss products out there

  • Stop hair breakage so that your hair can grow long if that is what you want

  • Restore that your scanty front hair that you have almost given up on

  • Grow, thick, dark and healthy air

Here is a Summary of Each NAFDAC Approved Product in the Hair Growth Formula:



Aloe-Jojoba Conditioner

(Normal price is N8500 including shipping)

This awesome hair product combines 100% pure Jojoba oil and 100% Stabilized Aloe Vera (not water) to create a rare conditioner that:

  • Suitable and works for all hair types
  • Cleanses and unblocks your hair follicles
  • Penetrates deep into your scalp to moisturize and improve the texture of your hair
  • Helps you to get rid of dandruff
  • Protects your scalp and hair from breakage, split ends, and future damage. 
  • Maintains PH level of your hair scalp
  • Brings new blood to your hair follicles to stimulate hair growth

NOTE – Only 127 copies of this conditioner are available as at 27th March, 2017



Pure Aloe Vera Gelly

Using aloe vera for treating hair loss is an ancient home remedy used by the Egyptian for hair growth.

And the best way to use aloe vera is in its natural form. This product contains 100% Aloe Vera gelly.

How does it help your hair growth?

When you combine the use of pure aloe vera with the jojoba conditioner, you are going to get far better results. According to hair scientists, Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp.

It also promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair



Hair Growth Nutrients


In order for healthy hair to grow, your body needs to be well nourished with a balance of certain vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get these necessary vitamins through a regular diet.

Forever Daily is a nutritional supplement that is to be taken daily to provide your body with a balance of all the vitamins and minerals that it needs to help you stop hair loss and regrow your hair.    

Here are some of the Vitamins it contains:

Biotin: Promotes the growth and maintenance of existing hair by preventing breakage and hair loss.

Niacin (Vitamin B3): This promotes healthy circulation to the scalp.

Vitamin C: The human body does not naturally produce Vitamin C which happens to maintain hair health by enhancing the immune function at a cellular level. Therefore it is essential to our health that we consume an adequate amount by modifying your diet or incorporating supplements.

Others are: Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Vitamin A, Vitamin B12

“But How am I Sure This Hair Growth Formula is Going to Work For Me?

By now, you may be thinking – “But how am I sure this hair growth formula is going to work for me?”

Our reply is this.

We are not claiming that this works for everyone.

But just try it first and see for yourself.

However, if you are unhappy with this product for any reason, just send back the empty product container (any time within the next 3 months) and get a full and immediate refund with no questions asked. This product really works!


Hurry! Pure Jojoba Conditioners Are Limited


As at today 27th of March, 2017, we only have 127 copies of the Jojoba Conditioner in stock because it is really scarce.

And once they are sold out, it can take up to 30 days or 2 months before we recieve delivery of another pack from the manufacturing company.

So, follow the instructions below to get your hair growth formula and start restoring your hair today.

Start Growing Back Your Hair By Choosing From The 3 Options Below:

ONLY Jojoba Conditioner:


This option is for you if you are only interested in getting the Aloe-Jojoba conditioner for your hair.

The cost of one Aloe-Jojoba Conditioner only (with shipping included) is:

N8,500 ONLY


(Additional conditioner goes for N6500)

Click the red button below to order for the Jojoba conditioner only


Here is what you are getting:

– 1 Jojoba Conditioner
– 1 Aloe Vera Gelly
– 1 Bottle of Hair Growth Vitamins

N18,000 ONLY


(This includes the cost of sending it to you)

Click the green button below to choose this option and order for the MINI hair growth formula pack



This option is a full month supply and it contains all the 3 products of the hair growth formula to give you complete hair restoration by working on your inside and outside.

Here is what you are getting:

– 2 Jojoba Conditioner
– 2 Aloe Vera Gelly
– 1 Bottle of Hair Growth Vitamins

N30,000 ONLY


(This includes the cost of sending it to you)

Click the red button below to choose this option and order for the complete hair growth formula pack

Frequently Asked Questions About This Hair Growth Formula Package:


QUESTION: How long do I have to use this hair growth formula before I get visible results?

ANSWER: Here is the truth. Stopping hair loss and regrowing your hair is a complex issue. The good thing about the hair loss remedy that this solution is based on is that it helps you to treat the root of your hair loss permanently.

Since I don’t know what level your hair loss is right now, it will be difficult to say. But since it takes a month to grow 1/2 inches of hair in a month, you should begin to see visible results within 30 days.

But if you use it in addition with coconut oil, your hair will grow much faster.

However, our advice is that you should use these products for a minimum of 6 months to achieve complete hair restoration. It sounds like a lot of time but remember that if you do nothing, you would have lost a lot of hair by then.


QUESTION: Can I order for just one of the products instead of ordering for 2 or 3?

ANSWER: Yes. You can but you won’t get the type of results you are going to get when you combine the 2 or 3 products together.

Also, ordering them together will help you save money.

For instance, check out the price list if you are ordering the products individually:

Jojoba Conditioner – N8,500 per one (including shipping)

Aloe Vera Gelly – N8,000 per one (including shipping)

Hair Vitamins – N10,000 per bottle (including shipping)

Call us on 08109208682 to place your order if this is what you choose.


QUESTION: Do I have to use the products daily?

ANSWER: Yes. You should apply the products according to the usage instructions until your hair have fully grown.

We recommend that you keep using the products consistently up to 3-6 months depending on your hair situation for full hair restoration. After then, you may now have to use the products 3 times a week for maintenance.


QUESTION: Are these Products Herbal or Chemicals?

ANSWER: We believe in Natural products with no side effects. So, all the products you see here are made from Natural ingredients and are safe for you to use.

QUESTIONS: But Baldness Runs in My Family. Will this Work For Me?

ANSWER: Yes, in most cases, it will, But if it doesn’t work for you, simply send us the empty containers and we will refund your money to you.

QUESTION: How Do I Make Use of the Hair Products?

ANSWER: The products come with a detailed guide that walks you through how to use it step by step. So, you have nothing to worry about.

QUESTION: Can I Call You to Order?

ANSWER: Yes. You can. Simply dial and speak with our customer care agent.


QUESTION: Are these products NAFDAC approved?

ANSWER: Yes, all the products in this package are NAFDAC appoved.


QUESTION: Do These Products Have Any Side Effects?

ANSWER: No. All the products are natural and they do not have any side effects.


QUESTION: How Long Will It Take to Get these Products to Me?

ANSWER: If you are in Lagos or nearby states, you will get the products within 24 – 48 hours. But for other states, you will get them within 6 days maximum from the date you placed the order.

QUESTION: How Can I Buy More Products to Use in Upcoming Months?

ANSWER: It is simple.

First, simply call us on 081XXXXXXto place your order or send an email to help@XXXXXXXXX and we will send them to you.

Secondly, you can subscribe for a 3 months or 6 months plan so that we will send you a 30 days supply of the hair growth formula each month from the first month you place your order.

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