We are Giving You a FREE
Glucometer to Prove That You Can Beat Diabetes Within 4 Weeks – If You Use This Natural Therapy”

You don’t have to keep living with diabetes for the rest of life. Your body can heal itself only if you will trigger the miraculous healing power within you. Start with this therapy.

Dear friend,

The above image you are looking at is that of a Glucometer (used to measure blood sugar levels) and we are willing to ship a FREE copy to you to prove that you can also completely defeat diabetes like many of our customers have testified.

Here is What You Should Do:

Before you start using the natural diabetes therapy on this page, we want you to use the glucometer we are sending to you to check what your blood sugar level is.

Then after you have used the therapy for 2 weeks, take out the glucometer use it measure your blood sugar levels again.

You will be surprised at the difference.

But don’t stop there.

After you have used the therapy for 4 weeks, take out the glucometer and measure your blood sugar levels again.

By this time, you will be jumping up with excitement.

But don’t stop there. At this point, we also want you to visit your doctor and tell him to examine you.

Don’t be surprised when you see him swallowing his words and asking you for what you have been using.

But that is not even the end.

Wait for 7 months, then use the glucometer to test your blood sugar levels again and you will see that your body has fully treated reversed that diabetes.

Why are We So Sure of This?

It is simple.

This natural diabetes therapy is unlike what you have been using.

It is not like the “chemical based drugs” you have been using.

In fact, some of these chemical based drugs might even make your life miserable or even be more risky than diabetes itself.

Here is a secret that even your doctor won’t tell you.

The drugs that are recommended for diabetes (glucophage etc) never work to completely treat the root cause of the diabetes itself.

They only work on the symptoms and that is why you have to keep buying the drugs religiously until they stop working because they will.

An that is when the deadly diabetes complications like loss of sight, erectile dysfunction, hypertension etc begin to set in.

According to experts who focus on treating diabetes using Natural healing, the only way to successfully get your body back into its natural state of vibrant health is by:

“Cleansing” yourself from the inside, allowing your body to get rid of the toxins that are taxing your cells, to enable them to start functioning properly again.


And That is What These Natural Diabetes Supplements Help You to Achieve:

These supplements help your body to restore itself by giving your body what it needs. And this completely reverse your diabetes type 2 condition making it completely powerless.

Don’t just accept our word for it.

See What Our Customers Are Saying About This Natural Diabetes Therapy

(Full names are hidden for privacy reasons)

How Does These Natural Diabetes Therapy
Supplements Work?

In simple terms, the supplements in our Natural Diabetes Therapy Pack does what most recommended drugs don’t do.

Instead of helping your body with Insulin, the supplements in our Natural Diabetes Therapy supplies your body with the nutrients it needs so that the cells of your body that produce insulin are healed thereby eliminating the ROOT cause of your Diabetes.

As a result, your body is able to naturally produce insulin and your blood sugar is regulated and under control.

The different supplements in the Natural Diabetes Therapy Pack work together to get your body back into its natural state of vibrant health and they do this by:

  1. Cleaning your body from the inside, allowing your body to get rid of the toxins that are taxing your cells, to enable them to start functioning properly again.
  2. Radicalling reducing glucose levels in your blood through what is known as “Probiotic”

  3. Balancing and strengthening your immune system and healing your damaged cells.

The end result of all this is that your blood sugar reduces drastically and your body becomes stronger so that it can continualy regulate blood sugar all by itself.

Here Are the Supplements Included in the Natural Diabetes Therapy That Will Help You Reverse Diabetes Within 4 Weeks

Organic Aloe Vera Gel:


Many Researches have proven that Aloe Vera Juice helps to improve blood glucose level and it’s therefore very useful in treating people with diabetes.

It also also helps in balancing the immune system and provides fast healing of leg wounds and ulcers which are also complications of Diabetes.


Arctic Sea Supplements:

This unique balanced blend, is a superior source of ultra pure Omega-3 including Fish oil (EPA and DHA), high Oleic olive oil, Calamari oil, lD-Alpha Tocopherol and purified Water.

Additional, it is enriched with olive oil (omega-9 fatty acid) to stabilize omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E to ensure the fatty acid will not be oxidized. Vitamin E is an important component of Arctic Sea because helps better absorption of this supplement.

This unique blend of supplements helps with development and health of the eyes and brain, and can support proper


Active Probiotic

According to a new study carried out in the United State of America published in February 2015, it was discovered that a “probiotic pill” – one containing live bacteria – can radically reduce blood glucose levels.

In the experiments researchers discovered that using a pill containing common bacteria found in the human gut can shift the control of glucose levels from the pancreas to the upper intestine.

Active Probiotic is not also a manufactured probiotic which looses over 70% of it’s potency before getting to the human digestive tract.

The probiotic in our Natural Diabetes Therapy is natural and it retains more than 98% of it’s natural contents..


Fields of Green Supplements:

One glance at the natural ingredients used to create Fields of Green reveals nutritional elements formulated to combat these nutrient deficienies.

It combines:

Young Barley grass(Containing Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Copper, Phosphorous, Zinc and Manganese) and…

Wheat grass(Vitamin,Minerals and trace elements) which help promote energy and maintain the body’s health.


Immublend Supplements:

This is packed with today’s best immune boosting ingredients.

It contains Lactoferyn, which is a protein known for it’s probiotic and immunity boosting properties.

Also found in the immune blend are Vitamine D, c, Zine And Magnesium, which help to restore some of the natural nutrients lost through excessive urination by Diabetes.


You Will Also Get Our Special Dosage Plan That Makes These Supplements Work Effectively:

Over time, we have found out that the way you combine and use these supplements also affect the results you get.

So, when you order for your pack of Natural Diabetes Therapy, we are also going to be sending you our special dosage that will help you get the best results possible.

You won’t get this from anywhere else.

As you start to use these supplements based on the special dosage we will send to you, you will start noticing changes in your body system and you will also be astonished at how far you would have gone in helping to rid yourself of diabetes.

And overtime, you will literally have to stop taking those medications as this pack of natural supplements(Natural Diabetes Therapy) will be performing way better than the industrial chemically produced synthetic drugs.

But That is Not All…


One of the common complications of diabetes especially for men is weak or no erections because high blood sugar actively reduces blood flow to the penis.

And this can be very disturbing and embarrasing.

That is why we are also going to send you an extra pack of supplements for FREE.

This Extra pack contains our best supplements that will help you…

Regain Robust, Long Lasting and Rock Hard Erections like a 20 Year Old.
(If your wife or sexual partner is not very sexually active, you’d better not use these)

This pack of supplements alone costs N25,000 but you are getting it for FREE when you buy the Natural diabetes therapy today.

So, How Much Will it Cost You to
Get This Natural Diabetes Therapy?

Before I tell you how much it will cost you to get these supplements, I want to ask you a question and you should think well before answering it.

If you had the chance to meet any of the people who have lost their legs, sight and marriage to uncontrolled diabetes;

“How much do you think they will
be willing to spend to regain what they
lost to diabetes?”

Think about it.

What is money compared to the peace that will be restored to your body?

When you compare what you are paying to how much you will pay for a surgery worth millions of dollars, you will realize that the cost of these supplements is on the lower side.

We both know that good health is far better than money.

Let Me Show You What You Are Getting When You Order For This Natural Diabetes Therapy Pack Today:

  1. A Standard Brand New Glucometer (FREE)

  2. Natural Diabetes Supplements Pack (listed above)

  3. Natural Sexual Enhancements Pack (FREE)

  4. Plus Our Special Usage/Dosage Guide

You Will Get All for Just N80,000 Only

Here Is How To Get The Natural Diabetes Therapy
Delivered To Your Doorstep

We can deliver this natural diabetes therapy to your door step in any major town or country in Nigeria.

Just place your order using any of the 3 options below:

OPTION 1: Cash on Delivery


We know that the internet is full of dubious people and nobody wants to be scammed.

So, we are going to put all the risk on ourselves so that you won’t have an excuse for not getting this therapy.

We will send the products to your house or office and you can pay our courier people only after you have received the product.

This is to eradicate any doubt in your mind that you will get what you are promised.

To order for this Natural Diabetes Therapy and pay on delivery, send the following details to 08109208682

1. Your full name

2. Your full and correct address (house no, street, state)

3. Your email address

4. Your phone number

Once we receive your sms, you will get a call from us to confirm that you will pay N80,000 when our courier officer delivers the product.

After that, your order will be shipped to you and you will be paying N80,000 to our courier person who will deliver the products.

OPTION 2: Pick Up From Our Office

 Alternatively, you can come to our marketing office or send someone to go pick it up for you.

To use this option, visit:

Staytrims Fitness Services,  
c/o NetFame Marketing & Media,
Suite 78, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Opposite Bluecross Hospital, Beside Caterpillar Bus Stop, Ogba Lagos.

The office opens ONLY from 9am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays.

OPTION 3: Pre-payment to the Bank

 Based on popular demand, many people prefer to get their orders within 48 hours. And this is made possible via this option.

Like many, if you prefer this option, here are the steps to take:

Pay cash or do an online transfer of N80,000 into any of the bank accounts below and follow the instructions thereafter:

Bank Name – Diamond Bank
Account Name – Digital Nexus Interactive
Account Number – 0076296094


Bank Name – First Bank
Account Name – Digital Nexus Interactive
Account Number – 2030283510

After making the payment, make sure you send your payment details through sms to: 08109208682

The SMS should start with “Paid For Diabetes therapy”

The payment details you are to send are:

  1.     Your Full Name
  2.      Amount paid & Bank paid to
  3.     Teller Number (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
  4.      Date Of Payment
  5.      Your Phone Number
  6.      Your email address

As soon as your payment is confirmed from the bank, your Natural Diabetes pack,  and extra bonus will be processed for delivery immediately.

PLEASE NOTE – As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS acknowledgment from us.

Your Package will be delivered to your doorstep through a courier service within 3 working days!

It’s Time to Kick Diabetes Out of Your Life

You can walk away from this and continue to spend money every month on drugs and injections that will eventually fail just like they do.

We know you are afraid – You are probably thinking – “What if this does not work?”

But the right question you should be asking is:

“What if these supplements work to help you
ANNIHILATE Diabetes and bring peace to
your body once again?”

And we know it will because it has worked for other people.

There is no risk involved. No side effects.

It brings joy to our faces too when we receive the testimonies from people who have used this natural therapy to become healthy again when they have lost all hope.

We want to receive your own testimony as well very soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – For How Long Do I Have To Use The Supplements?

You don’t have to keep buying these supplements week after week and month after month.

From our experience, the full 30 days’ supply is usually enough and most people begin to get amazing health reliefs within a few days of using these supplements.

Q – Do These Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

These supplements are made from pure natural extracts and they do not have any side effects whatsoever as long as you are not allergic to some of the ingredients. E.g. Garlic

Q – But Why Are The Products So Expensive?

First, these products are made to from real extracts of proven medicinal herbs and plants.

Secondly, these supplements are not made in Nigeria.

They are made in the US and shipped to Nigeria.

Finally, the dollar to Naira exchange rate which is unusually high at the moment is another issue that we can do nothing about.

But really, when you compare what you are paying here to how much you will pay later on if you delay attending to your body now…

Or compare getting a surgery worth millions of dollars, you will realize that the cost of these supplements is on the lower side.

Q – Do I Have To Stop Using My Drugs Before I Start Using These Supplements?

No. You do not have to stop using your main drugs.

We usually advise our clients to use the supplements along with their normal drugs for the first 10 day and we will now review the response after 10 days of using it.

Q – Can I Pay on Delivery?

If you want us to send you the Natural diabetes supplements so that you can pay on delivery, then do this:

 Send the following details to 08109208682

1. Your full name

2. Your full and correct address (house no, street, state)

3. Your email address

4. Your phone number

Once we receive your sms, you will get a call from us to confirm that you will pay N80,000 when our courier officer delivers the product.

After that, your order will be shipped to you and you will be paying N80,000 to our courier person who will deliver the products.

And by the time you lay your hands on these supplements, we believe you will want to tell as many people as possible about them.

In case you have some questions at the back of your mind that you need answers to, feel free to call any of our help lines.

You can call 08109208682 or 08188694126

Place your order now while this is still on your mind.

P.S: Because of the great customer demand for our products, you may have to call two or three times before getting through on the phone.

Don’t stop trying. It is more than worth it.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the products included in this Natural diabetes solution pack are from Forever Living Products and we are recommending them because they are made from 100% Natural ingredients, have no side effects and they work for people who have used them.

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