How to Detect & Reverse the Blood Sugar Nightmare Before it is Too Late


by Uncle James

Do you know that “feeling of stress” might be a warning from your body system that you have high blood sugar?

Most people erroneoulsy think blood sugar is high when it is at diabetes level but that is wrong & dangerous.

The main truth is that high blood sugar can kill or damage some important organs of the body even when it is not at the diabetes level.

E.g. Do you also know that high blood sugar is the number one reason for weak erection and impotence in young men?

Here are 3 more top symptoms of high blood sugar & how to reverse it before it is too late

– Are you always feeling weak, tired or overstressed often?

– As a man, is your morning erection weak, inconsistent or both?

– Are you urinating more often than usual?

– Are you having frequent headaches? Even when you use drugs like paracetamol, does the headaches keep coming back?

– Do you have trouble concentrating on what you are doing more than normal?

If you are, then they might be symptoms of the silent killer known as “high blood sugar”

High blood sugar is a silent killer and many people do not know about it until it is too late.


Majority of people overlooked the symptoms of high blood sugar which is dangerous.

According to Goodarz Danaei who is a doctor of medicine in Harvard, high blood sugar is one sign that a person is on the road to diabetes.

But it kills many people long before they ever get diabetes.

His studies also found out that high blood sugar is among the world’s top five killers and is already linked to 3,160,000 deaths this year in the US alone.

High blood sugar is a silent killer that not only leads to diabetes, but could put pressure on your heart, lead to stress, make you impotent and fat.

It might be the reason why you keep getting stressed and tired

And as a man, it is most likely the reason for that weak erection problem you are having.

The truth is that…as long as you continue to eat rice and other starchy foods, your blood sugar will spike from time to time.

The big problem is that most people don’t even realize this until it gets complicated and damages the eyes, blood vessels, liver, kidneys or renders a man impotent.

So, What Do You Do?


The main advice I give to people especially is this:

(1) Make sure you have a glucometer in your house and anytime you observe any of the 5 symptoms listed above, use it to confirm if your blood sugar is high.

(2) If it is high, then make sure you quickly put yourself on a safe high blood sugar natural treatment (Avoid chemical medications as they usually have side effects)

When I say “put yourself on a safe high blood sugar treament,” I am talking about a natural treatment that is safe and free from chemicals.

At B3Boost, we have our special high blood sugar formula that I personally use and we offer to customers.

Here’s How Our High Blood Sugar Formula Works

Our natural high blood sugar solution works perfectly because it is made from powerful natural ingredients like Bitter Gourd and other medicinal fruits that reduce blood sugar levels.

Unlike the chemical based high blood sugar drugs out there, our high blood sugar pack does not just focus on treating the symptoms, it goes right to tackle the problem from the roots..

And it works effectively by doing 2 things:

(1) Unlike the usually recommended high blood sugar drugs that only reduces sugar in your blood, our formula works by attacking the cause of your high blood sugar problem from its root.

It does so by cleaning and flushing toxins out of your liver, kidney and pancreas to make them healthier and stronger.

When you have a healthy kidney, lilver and pancreas, it is almost like making you a kid again. You feel lighter and stress free.

And your blood circulates easily and faster which is very important.

(2) Secondly, it also regulates the sugar already in your blood so that it becomes normal.

And it has no side effects (Unlike generic drugs)

All you need is a 30-day supply of this natural high blood sugar tonic to flush out excess sugar from your body and be healthier.



There are 2 types of Natural high blood sugar packs you can get from us.

The first pack is a full one and it is for people who have been diagnosed of diabetes and want to reverse it.

A 30-day supply of this pack sells for N45,000

But from Sept 12th – 19th, you can get this FULL pack for N30,000 only.

The second pack is a mini-pack and it is for people who have only high blood sugar but it has not resulted into diabetes (this is is the same pack that I gave to our office staff)

A 30-day supply of this mini pack normally sells for N25,000

But from Sept 12th – 19th, you can get this MINI pack for N18,000 only.

In Order to Get Our Natural High Blood Sugar Solution Packs, SMS the Following Details to 08188694126:


– High blood sugar (state if you want mini or full)
– Your Full Name
– Your Email Address
– Your Phone Number
– The Full Address Where you Want the Product to be Sent to

 Once you do that, someone will call you to confirm your order and address the pack will be sent to you immediately.

 Payment is on Delivery (meaning you won’t pay anything until you have the package in your hands)

Again, this discount offer expires by September 19th.

All prices go back to normal after that.

Follow the instructions above to order.

Have a great week.

P.S – If you are always feeling tired, overstressed, or you think you have low sexual energy, I would suggest that you add a natural energizer supplement to your order.

This supplement is known as GIN CHIA and it contains the original extracts of  2 ancient and powerful herbs (Golden Chia and Ginseng)

What this GINCHIA supplement does in summary is that it helps you reduce stress, boosts your overall strength and jacks up your sexual stamina.

Normally, one bottle (60 tablets) cost N12,000 but if you are getting our high blood sugar natural solution, we will let you have it for N8,000. Just include it in the SMS you are sending.


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