Special Herbal Mixture Approved By NAFDAC…


Detoxifies Your Body

Regulates Your Blood Sugar


And Increases the Strength of Your Erections


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Dear friend,

If you would like to TRULY eradicate the number one reason for weak erections in men so that you can increase the strength of your erections, then we have good news for you.

3 months ago, one of our subscribers sent us an email to inform us about a truly effective (but very bitter) herbal mixture that has changed his sexual life.

According to him, after 3 weeks of taking this herbal mixture, 3 things happened to him:


  1. His piles (or haemorrhoid) condition that he has been struggling with for 2 years began to disappear.

  2. He lost some belly fat.

  3. And most imortantly, his erections became stronger and bigger.


We wanted to be sure about this before recommending it to people.

So, we bought 10 bottles of this Nafdac approved herbal mixture to try for ourselves.

This herbal mixture is called RUZU Bitters and it was created from 3 of the most powerful medicinal herbs (Bush banana, Squirrel groundnut, Desert Gourd)

And it has NAFDAC REG NO: A7-1102L

Here Are the Things We Found Out About this Truly Wonderful Mixture:

It Detoxifies Your Kidney and Liver


As a result, you will feel lighter because this helps you to shed off some excess weight

It Regulates Your Blood Sugar


You will have bigger and stronger erections because blood easily flows into the chambers of your penis

It Flushes Out Clot From Your Heart


By unclogging your heart and cleaning your arteries, you will feel stronger because your heart is healthier and blood will move smoothly in your body



You can watch any of the video testimonials below to see what people are saying about this amazing product…

Here Is the Good News…


Right now, you can get 1 or 2 bottles and start enjoing the same results that many people have gotten from using this amazing herbal product.

Simple choose from any of the 2 options below and proceed to place your order.



N6500 Only


(This includes the cost of packaging and sending it to you)



N6500 Only


(This includes the cost of packaging and sending it to you)



 Order For Ruzu Bitters Via Any of the 2 Methods Below:



Pick Up at Our Office


You can pick up your bottle(s) of Ruzu Bitters by simply coming to our office here in Lagos or you can send someone to pick it up for you.

To Use This Option, Follow the 2 Steps Below:


  1. Click here or click the red button below to fill in your details and notify us that you want to come and pick up the Ruzu Bitters in our office so that we can get your package ready for you.

  2. Next, simply walk into our office, make payment and pick up the package.

Our Office Address Is:


The office opens ONLY from 10am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays.





Pay Into Our Bank and We Will Deliver It to Your Address


With this option, you simply make payment for the number of Ruzu bottles (or product combination as stated above) you want by paying cash to our bank account or doing an online transfer

Once we get the payment, we will securely ship your package through our trusted courier company to the address you provide.

To order using this option, simply click the red button below and fill the order form.

After you have filled in the order form correctly, you will have access to our bank account details you can use in ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ruzu Bitters:

QUESTION: Can Ruzu Bitters Cure Piles (also known as Haemorrhoids?

ANSWER: The testimonies we have seen and heard confirms it helps people to get rid of haemorrhoids.

QUESTION: Is Ruzu Bitters Nafdac Approved?

ANSWER: Yes, it is NAFDAC approved and the NAFDAC REG No is A7-1102L

QUESTION: When Will I Start Seeing the Effects?

ANSWER: From our experience, you can start seeing the effect of Ruzu Bitters within 30 minutes of using it but it is recommended that you take at least 2 bottles in a month for total recovery.


QUESTION: What are the Side Effects of Ruzu Bitters


ANSWER: From our personal usage and the experience from customers, the only side effect of Ruzu Bitters is that it might cause you to take frequent visits to the toilet. So, it is recommended that you take it when you have ready access to the toilet. Apart from this, it has no other side effects.

QUESTION: Do I Have to Keep Using Ruzu Bitters To Keep Getting The Benefits It Offers?

ANSWER: The answer is yes but you shouldn’t need more than two bottles in a month and at a very low price, it is very worth it.

QUESTION: How Long Will It Take to Get this Product to Me?

ANSWER: If you are in Lagos or nearby states, you will get it within 24 – 48 hours. But for other states, you will get it within 6 days maximum from the date you placed the order

QUESTION: Can a Pregnant Women Take Ruzu Bitters?

ANSWER: The answer is NO. Pregnant women and people with dysentry shouldn’t take Ruzu Bitters.

QUESTION: How Can I Buy More than 2 Bottles of Ruzu Bitters?

ANSWER: It is simple. Start by ordering for 2 bottles by clicking the green button below.

After that, send an email to orders@XXXXXXXX to tell us how many additional bottles you want and we will send them to you.

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