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Simple Innovative Value Driven Propositions Your Parent Can Never Say NO Too!!!

Dear IN CHARGE Educator!!!

Awake AGAIN!!!! and Lets Create YourDIGITAL SCHOOL!!!

To The Innovative Educator Who Is Ready To Build an Online School

Gone are the days when your school does not have a website

The Covid-19 experience for schools has thrown us into the reality of the new age


If your school does not have a website you need to brace up and do so now!!!

but we have gone past just the website now

The issue on ground is not just a website but a complete Enrollment system

The need for a DIGITAL SCHOOL

Do You Want to maximize the function of a school website in growing your school Visibility, Profitability and Enrollment?

Here are the 7 must have of a school website,


You need to hang on to your seat because I want to show something you are missing

For the past few months I have been personally asking some of my partners this simple question… 

Do you have a school website? 

Many said NO And SOME said YES,

Now to those that said NO, of course the next thing is to get one 

But I told them to wait… 

To those that said YES I immediately asked for the link to their website….

And believe me…..

That website for most schools was nothing to write home about….

Calm down and don’t get offended, let me explain why I said that…

Most school website has the

Homepage:- This is lovely, but for most school it is just too clumsy

About us:- Which most parents don’t read most of the time as they don’t care about us but about their children 

Then Here is the Heart Breaking News!!! Most Schools Don’t even have an Online Academic system for their school where they could carry out unique activities that makes their students learn from anywhere 

Don’t wonder what is Teacher I.T saying again

Just read on to find out what I mean


1. Digital School (Very Crucial)

2. Free offers

3. Opt in

4. Click on contact

5. Activities

6. Faculty

7. Testimonials

Read the Testimonials of the Immense Benefit of clients when we created an Online School using the Class Dojo APP

Here is The Digital School
(A Complete Enrollment System)

1. Digital School :-

Your School Website Should be able to help you achieve all of these things stated here

2. Free offers :-

 This is an offer on your website for parents or visitors to input their details so you can follow up easily e.g Virtual tours

3. Opt in :-

This is connected to an Email Autoresponder or a WhatsApp so you can have the details for further follow up

4. Click on contact  :-

 Funny thing most schools just have a contact us, where there is a number and you will agree with me that most parents don’t call.  

This is why you make it easy to contact you but just linking to your WhatsApp

5. Activities  :-

This is to showcase what’s happening in your school. In it details

6. Faculty :-

Your teachers and others. 

7. Testimonials :-

What other people who have experienced your school are saying…..


To create a BRAND:- This will increase the perception of your school and get you parents who can pay higher , the digital school will help you
  • Hold online live Classes from your school website

  • Upload recorded classes on your website

  • Give Assignment online

  • Set personal customized exams for your students

  • Manage results

  • Communicate with parents both with the app and free SMS

  • Manage school finance

  • Manage staff records

  • Help Your Secondary school Simulate their ALL Science Practicals

  • Help Your secondary school SS3 with over 20,000 questions that can help them clear their JAMB Once

  • Manage students information

  • Manage School Time table manager

  • Help Teachers with a Lesson note planner

  • Online registration of prospective students

  • Mini Online-library

  • Manage all school’s Dormitory, Subjects, Classrooms, and Programs of study
    locate teachers, subjects, classes, and students in a few seconds

  • Print Teachers and subjects they teach for any term or academic year

  • Print class lists, a student in a particular program, level, status, house, etc

  • Terminal Reports with subject, class, and level positions and auto generated academic, attitude,conduct, etc

  • We know all student debtors at a click.

  • Print Student Bills, Class Bills, etc

  • Add Additional Fee Items to a student, gender, house, or bill

  • Student Academic History from

  • Admission year until now 

  • Student’s admissions list, Number of Students Admitted for any academic year

  • Directly monitor the performance of the Class and Students.

  • Get access to information quickly.

  • Manage the School from a central point.

  • Parent access to Ward’s Information Class attendance records, etc.

  • Statistics on School growth rate

  • SMS Integration

  • CBT for all of your classes

  • Constantly updated digital textbook library

It helps  you easily follow up with Inquiries with your offers Enables you to you get Enrolment, especially with high-paying parents

We then list your DIGITAL SCHOOL on our website which is visited by over 100,000 parents subscribers for advertising schools in Nigeria to potential parents,

See What The Digital School Users Have To Say



Then you are Blessed as we are just launching this offer to our 5 secrets community 


Here is what we do for you 


For a flat rate and one time non refundable payment of 47,750 instead of 356,000 we will set it up for you

Most Digital school require you to pay higher fee as you have a higher number of student and also pay a yearly subscription fee but ours is a one time flat payment for your digital school

Then you pay a termly Access fee of  800 per student instead of 1000 (You can Charge Your Parent any amount For this from 1500-15,000 or more, depending on your parent type)

You also have access to a one term  FREE TEST RUN AND USAGE

This means you can use it for FREE for one term after the Initial SET UP FEE, the DIGITAL SCHOOL COMES WITH A FREE WEBSITE ALONG SIDE

But this is just the beginning, Along side with your Digital School You will have access to us helping you to 


Update the content of your Digital School as much as you want for FREE

E.g. Your activity videos, pictures, testimonials, and New offers


Helping to Run Facebook Adverts to make your website visible to potential parents who can register. 


We will be adding the Opportuned schools who take advantage of this offer to a group


And get their data every month to update it on the website….


I know you are set to do this…


Just working with 10 schools for this offer


After this….  


The next offer will not be 47,750  to set up as we are using this to welcome our partner schools into this new DIGITAL SCHOOL development

Let’s get started

FOCUS HERE:- If you don’t have 47,750 to invest and build your DIGITAL SCHOOL NOW please DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS as this offer is for IMMEDIATE ACTION TAKERS 

As We are all on ground and ready to start up with you as soon as possible for immediate results.