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This OFFER PAGE is for School Owners who want to build a digital school but don't have the funds to build a FULL Digital School Website, but want to enjoy their School been online using the Class Dojo Application

From Your Sleep Lets Create Your
Online Academy

Read on and Find Out How!!!

Do You Have an Online School?

If you don’t The truth is you are not moving fast,

and you are not moving fast enough

the worse is if you don’t know how to set this up


What worse thing can happen to a Man than not to move at all

You need to move

You need to be active

You need to be alive

it's worse if parents think you are slow, sluggish or weak

In my inner Circle, Schools are already Moving with Speed Read What one of them achieved in the Covid-19 Lockdown

If you are not Active


You are thinking small


You are


I must tell you the truth


If you don’t like what I am saying, I am probably talking to you


Get on it And don’t give me excuses that my parents are not internet savvy


Don’t give me that, its not your parents its you


Everyone didn’t start using mobile phones at the same time in this country


Start with the percentage that has access


Plus your target Audience isn’t just your parents only now,


it's all those who want a coaching for their kids.


Think of it What if Schools don’t open till the year ends


What will you do


Keep giving Excuses right While some others are already registering new students

Some are receiving alerts

Some are already communicating with the parents see it here

Now if you have beared my hard Talk to this Level


then you are ready to MOVE

Yes you are an MVP and you are ready for the next level

What exactly can you done to go live online


Pretty simple


Create a whatsapp group for each of your class and then take it from there


let the teachers put their lessons there

In fact let me give you a step by step format


  • Create a whatsapp group for each class
  • Create a Time Table for each class

  • Extend invite to parents and also tell parents to extend invites to their friends (you can register new students too)
  • Upload student’s work
  • Mark and submit your students work
  • Give a certificate for all students that complete study

This is a very basic way to do

It's not rocket science


You can go a bit further

And use other applications

we have

  • Class Dojo (this is at the Top of my list)
  • Edmodo

  • Zoom
  • Google Classroom

Let me tell you the Truth



Using an APP will be seen from parents as Innovative rather just using a Whatsapp group



Read this parent's comment 

the reason is You will charge for this, so it needs to be packaged as unique



So I prepared a training on how to use the Class Dojo App mini Video Course

Pretty straightforward



You can use it for yourself and also your teachers too



Do you want to get this kind of comments from your parents?


then get on it immediately

See another fast action taker here

See another one here too

Ready TO MOVE?

you better be

Look into my Eyes and See how much Your heart desires this

I know you can’t wait to start it SO click the link below to access it

I actually planned to sell this for 15,000 naira sometimes in the future

and I can and get multitudes to buy

but I won't do that right now You know why?

I made it Free for the Inner circle Members



It cant be free for You as you are not in the Inner Circle

But it cost 20,000 to get into the inner circle when I am not making an offer and 4500 when I am making a discounted offer


So I Will give you for 4500 only just for a limited Period


Because it will expire on Thursday 7th May 2020


At any day you decide to get it


you will have access to all the benefits of been in the inner circle

Some of them include these 

Then You Have Access To Our Ever Green Library

Don’t Waste Time

Be Smart,

Be Active,

Be on the MOVE


Teacher I. T



P:S:- I could Go on and On With Why You Should Get it, but Here is the point, your students might be taking an online school with another school who has decided to be fast in Innovation, be your own personal Miracle 


Yes of course.

Transfer directly here and get the download link sent to you


To get in pay 4,500 into
Account name: - Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun
Bank: - Zenith Bank 
Account number: - 2085336654




Once you pay chat GBEMISOLA up on WhatsApp on 08135273197 and we will connect with you immediately

This Is MEE!!!

Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun is the founder of 5 secrets community an intellect property of Steve-Unic and company….

5 secrets community is a community designed to help steeply competitive businesses gain market share, become extremely unique,  dominate the competition, generate a high number of leads and convert them to paying and loyal clients without having to spend a large amount on publicity or advertising.

He is the creator of the unique sales process that has helped competitive businesses in Nigeria such as schools, who have applied His Ideas to dominate their competition and get new Registration in as little as 14 weeks. (1 term)

He inspires over 10,000 school owners who He personally refers to as life builders every day from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, India, UK, USA,  and all around the globe through His Website and Whatsapp community

Falohun Itunu lives in Lagos with his lovely Wife BuKunmi and He organizes free events for students as part of His social responsibility to His community through the three books he has authored which are “keys to getting admission faster”, “from failure to Academic success” and “understanding and demonstrating your leadership influence

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