In the dynamic and challenging world of education


having a robust support system can make all the difference.


Imagine a community where your school’s growth is the primary focus, where innovative ideas are shared freely, and where expert guidance is just a click away.


This is Inner Circle Shine—a transformative platform designed for educators committed to excellence.The journey to joining Inner Circle Shine is often described as life-changing by its members. 

Take Dr Victoria Felix, for instance. She describes her decision to join Inner Circle as one of the best choices she has ever made, next only to accepting Christ Jesus and marrying her spouse of 25 years😂😂😂😂😂😂


For her, the platform has not only been a professional one but a personal transformation. 


She humorously suggests renaming the platform to PGDE due to its comprehensive and advanced training sessions, reflecting the depth and breadth of knowledge shared within Inner Circle.

The Value of Inner Circle Shine

Inner Circle is not just a platform; it’s an addiction, a life-changing experience that transforms how you approach education and school management.

Mrs Eme Atakpo
admires Ms. Gbemisola and Teacher IT, describing them as the silent achievers of the 21st Century. The guidance and resources provided by Inner Circle Shine have begun to bear fruit in her school, with noticeable improvements in operations and student engagement.

Odunuga Toyosi appreciates the deeper value offered by Inner Circle Shine. Unlike other platforms that merely sell educational resources, Inner Circle Shine focuses on the overall benefits to clients, ensuring they feel supported and refreshed. Mrs Odunuga’s Testimonial testimonial highlights the unique approach of Inner Circle, which prioritizes holistic improvement and long-term success.


Mrs. Ajewole shares practical changes she has implemented in her school thanks to insights gained from Inner Circle. From revamping the communication book layout to planning a more engaging and profit-oriented cultural day, the strategies she has learned are set to transform her school’s operations. She also mentions planning an excursion to a farm next session and the positive impact Inner Circle’s training has had on their summer school plans.


Practical Changes and Innovations

The transformative power of The Inner Circle is evident in the practical changes and innovations members implement in their schools. Mrs Zinwe passionately recommends Inner Circle, urging others not to miss out. She describes the platform as “value-loaded,” where every penny spent is returned manifold in the form of knowledge, support, and practical resources. Mrs Zinwe highlights the camaraderie and shared learning experiences that make The Inner Circle a powerhouse of educational excellence.


For Mrs Olu Eniola, Inner Circle Shine represents a treasure trove of leadership acumen and problem-solving strategies. She values the platform for always being ahead in simplifying and resolving issues, describing Teacher IT as a mentor of note. This testimony underscores Inner Circle commitment to continuous learning and leadership development.

Mr John Obot  likens Inner Circle Shine to an addiction, expressing amazement at the group’s transformative power. His enthusiasm is mirrored by Mrs Chukwumani Martha, who showers the platform with thumbs-up emojis 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿, signifying approval and appreciation.

Leadership and Problem-Solving

In the Inner Circle, Leadership and problem-solving are at the core of Inner Circle Shine’s offerings. DR Victoria Felix humorously suggest renaming the platform to PGDE due to its comprehensive and advanced training sessions.

This playful remark reflects the depth and breadth of knowledge shared within Inner Circle, making it an essential resource for educators aiming for the highest standards of professional development.


Additional Testimonials From Life Builders

 The enthusiasm and commitment of Inner Circle members are palpable in their testimonials. Oasis Montessori highlights the eagerness and dedication of the Inner Circle Shine members, stating, “Thank you so much, sir. Can I not pay for the new inner circle now? I don’t want to be in another group where all these awesome people won’t be.”

“Mrs Itiolu Adenike adds, “Thank you very much sir. I appreciate. Nothing will pull me out of Inner Circle.” This sentiment echoes the experiences of many members who find the value and support of Inner Circle Shine indispensable.

Mrs Ononaiwu Lynda expresses their gratitude, stating, “Thanks teacher IT for all.

You are wonderful. If this group closes now, I assure you, I feel I have value for the money paid already! Going through this training of the 10 profit blueprint, my orientation has changed! Now, these are decisions undergoing processing for execution from next session.

1.) our communication book is taking a new layout

2.) I’m already working on a book in an identified area of need as a result of this training. It will be part of list of books come next session. It’s half way gone.

3.) our coming event (cultural day) for this term is taking a new shape. It’s really going to be fun and profit oriented

4.) have a farm already, there should be an excursion to the farm next session.

5.) our next summer school will definitely be affected by this training and ideas I got from colleagues on this platform.

These are the few I can discuss now. Thanks.”

Mrs Odeyinka Olubunmi seeks further support, stating, “Please, I need the workshop training for my nursery teachers, please, can you help with that?” This request highlights Inner Circle commitment to providing comprehensive and practical resources for educators at all levels.

Joy Kalu expresses her enthusiasm, “This is the best training and learning class ever!! Our coach and other team members are just too much!!!” This excitement is shared by many members who find Inner Circle to be a treasure trove of knowledge and support.

 Mrs Anika congratulates Victoria Felix, stating, “Congrats!!! For solid 25 years.” This camaraderie and mutual support are key components of the Inner Circle, making it a vibrant and encouraging community.



Here's The PLAN!!!

Here's The PATH!!!

Here is a detailed explanation for each month’s focus


10 Fantastic Ideas to Magnet New Parents in This New Session

June is all about attracting new parents to your school. We’ll dive into ten innovative strategies designed to showcase the unique value your school offers. From engaging events to personalized outreach, these ideas will help you create a strong first impression and build lasting relationships with new families.


Blow Up Your Summer School Registration

In July, the focus shifts to maximizing summer school enrollments. Learn how to create compelling summer programs that appeal to both students and parents. We’ll explore effective marketing techniques, strategic partnerships, and creative ways to highlight the benefits of your summer school offerings, ensuring a packed and successful session.


7 Things That Inspire Long-term Followership

August is dedicated to fostering loyalty and long-term commitment from your school community. Discover seven powerful methods to inspire followership, including engaging communication strategies, community-building activities, and ways to consistently demonstrate value. These approaches will help you maintain a dedicated and enthusiastic staff, parent and student base.


How to Start a New Term – Resumption Drills

September’s focus is on starting the new term with a bang. Learn how to implement effective resumption drills that set the tone for a successful academic year. We’ll cover everything from organizational tips and welcoming activities to strategies for ensuring a smooth transition back to school. These drills will help you create a positive and productive environment from day one.




My Highly Esteemed Life builder


Now I would like to help you experience a fantastic result with your end-of-session party event…    

Let’s face it…    

Result for everyone is different.    

When I am talking about results. I am not just talking about how people come to enjoy your end-of-session party food.    

I am not talking about people just coming to have fun and all of that.    

In fact…    

An impactful end-of-session party is intelligently planned to

Showcase what makes your school unique

Form strategic partnerships that can generate money and Enrollment for you…

Help further build and cement the brand of your school….

Create a deep Love and affection for your School

Sincerely what am about to show you is easy as ABC….

Why do I make such bold statement?  

First of!!!!!!!

let me tell the story of a school owner…    

Her name is Mrs Arinola    

She attended one of my masterclass programme. 

 The event itself was filled to the brim. 

Here is a picture of the event

After the Event I personally connected with her    

And we got into partnership….    

Now get this.

She had been on a 3 year enrollment stall    

Her school was well situated, and the school fee investment was quite High….    

She thought she had done all she knew    


She could not just break beyond her number of students..    

All of these times she has been on 9 students..    

Even though she had 9 students    

She was well priced as she could still conveniently pay her staff    

But, here is what she wanted

just like every normal, forward thinking person desires…    

She wanted to add to that number….    

I got into her situation and suggested some things to her which she implemented during her party and more importantly after the party.




Your party should be done with a strategy or else you will just spend money feeding and entertaining people with nothing to show by next session (God Forbid!!!) 


This is the testimonial result of our discussion…..

The truth is…    

Nothing happens by chance, Everything happens by choice…    

All credits to her    

But she needed an IdeaPad to spring her up…      

If you want an immediate impact in your enrollment next session    


Then drop all you are doing and focus on what am about to say…


The REVOLUTIONARY End of session


It’s an EXCLUSIVE note report that explains 

It was First Released in 2019 and here are the testimonials

Such Thoughtful and Inspiring words right?

The REVOLUTIONARY End of session Idea generation MACHINE 2022 UPDATED RELEASE (149 pages)

A 25 Numbered list order of programmes to keep your audience spellbound pg 20

A Captivating written drama to open the event and on a very high note pg 21-23

8 Youtube selected Welcome Drama Videos you can watch to give you practical Drama opening Programme pg 24-25

Mothers Whining and Praise Special to get them up their feet and sing the praise of your school youtube video display pg 25

6 Other Drama Script To Teach Morals pg 26-55

Head Prefect Welcome Speeches to Sell your schools uniqueness, capture parents’ emotions and sell the diction speaking in your graduands Pg 56-60

3 Captivating Welcome Speeches by Proprietress to capture attention and open them on an expectant note pg 61-66

Fabulous Youtube Poem Recitation examples that reflect the theme of the Graduation, check some out here pg 67

52 written poem recitation for your nursery class you can pick from to present and show their vocabulary skills pg 68-77

6 Youtube Dance and Music Presentations From Bata, Atilogwu, Ballet, Choreography, Choir Rendition, to wow your parents and get them excited to stand up and spray as much as they brought pg 78

An Intelligence Presentation to shock your audience and make them see you as an intelligent school, especially in science pg 79-84

Audience engaging activities and questions to gift the audience prices and also get them involved in the day’s ceremony both for students present and parents pg 85-89

A letter to invite key personnel to be a part of the program in different capacities pg 90

This Sponsorship letter has gotten schools to raise money for their graduation, a school got a cheque of 250,000 nairas just by sending this letter to a neighbouring business, here pg 91

This is a specially crafted letter to make your graduating student feel special as to how preparation for the graduation will go, send this letter before midterm and see parents get excited pg 92-93

A specially crafted letter of appreciation to all who made your part a success pg 95

A special letter to get you sponsors for your end of session program, they get to advertise to your parents at a token pg 95-97

66 AWARDS categories you can choose from as you appreciate your children for a great year pg 98-99

19 Sample Award certificates you can design our use to present your awards p9 100-117

A captivating Farewell Speech by Valedictorian, the best graduating student in the class Pg 119

A marketing Oriented Farewell speech by Schools Proprietress (4 pages of Gold) Pg 120-124

66 Gift IDeas you can choose from, with the names of the gift to google and get price ideas from online stores before you go to the market pg 125-140



 Now once you follow my suggestion in the end of SESSION idea generation machine you will…     

Flood your gates with inquiry for Summer school and Enrollment….    

And of course you know…    

Your Party is just a JIGSAW in the whole PUZZLE so I will be showing you how to move from Party to Enrolment   


Just like the Image below 

In addition to you getting JOINING the INNER CIRCLE SHINE you will get  END OF SESSION Idea Generation machine as a BONUS,

I will also be giving you the following so it will help you kickstart your NEXT OFFER and have a WOW SUMMER SCHOOL    

60 story book gifts for your parents that they can download and read to their children, this will definetely set you apart as a forward thinking school (NEW)

A 2.48gb Science Video folder, containing 151 (One Hundred and Fifty One) videos on Science, life science, physical science, primary science, Chemical Science and Mathemactics which you can use to wow students during your summer school (NEW)

Pre-arranged spelling bee words for all classes to help you organize a fantastic spelling competition during your summer School  

33 most common mp3 rhymes for kids to help train your children’s speech. Why mp3? so you can use it on your phone or in a music box 24/7   

54 science puzzles for kids to engage with during SUMMER SCHOOL

14 different summer school games for kids

4 parts (A 4-hour-long video series in Endless wordplay for kids) you will love this one

100 Minutes of Best Amazing Science Experiments and Tricks That You Can Do At Home By HooplaKidzL

Now in addition to all of these already MAGNIFICENT bonuses…. 


In case you don’t know… what the Inner Circle is, the Inner Circle is where I help Over 700 Life builders to

Outhink the Competition by 10 times


 Outearn the Competition by 10 times


Outperform the Competition by 10 times    


As my Inner Circle partner 



Here are Past Ones

Here is what you will be getting in the next 4 month once you get INTO THE INNER CIRCLE SHINE!!!

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It should be obvious that I am mercilessly attempting to induce you to Join this INNER CIRCLE SHINE!!!. Why am I doing this, I want you to fully utilize the highest and best profit and growth potential of your End of Session Party till your 1st Term Enrollment


    PLUS!!!!!!  dont miss out on the Inner Circle SHINE AGAIN!!! please, I dont want to close it without having you in… 

Look below for testimonials from the Emotional Intelligence session of the just concluded Inner Circle

 Look below for testimonials of The Inner Circle 


MORE Testimonials 



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After that I will sell each of these fantastic products individually at an Higher amount of course.


So the time starts counting down now

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How do I apply all the ideas in the Idea Generation Machine and also the bonuses?:- Dont worry, you will be added to the NEW INNER CIRCLE GROUP where you will tear down these Ideas and you can apply them immediately to get results







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