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Dear life builder…



You are cordially invited to join our INNER CIRCLE MBA. This is a preview into what you have been MISSING and how to get into THIS ACTION DRIVEN ATMOSPHERE

Dear life builder…

The fact you are reading this makes you different from 7000 plus others in the 5 secrets community… You know why? You always want to learn, and this is lovely….. Now I would love to help you experience a fantastic and practical way you can learn today.

But first A STORY

About a year ago the 5 secrets WhatsApp group grew from 1 to over 13 groups… now we have over 30 plus GROUPS

It was a good and bad feeling….

It was a good feeling as the 5 secrets group was growing, and please get this: I was grateful, but at that moment I realized that I could not have a close relationship and GROWTH session with all the groups….

The reason is, I believed in creating a MASTERMIND atmosphere where my IDEAS would spark other IDEAS out of the people present in the MASTERMIND

I always love to see this anytime I go for a SEMINAR or WORKSHOP, but I don’t find it. I needed this Atmosphere so I could Generate CONSISTENT RESULT with what I have learnt. This was MY OWN PERSONAL CHALLENGE. Since I couldnt find it, I CREATED MINE.


So I created the INNER CIRCLE, to share 12 GROWTH transforming opportunities every month and also create an ATMOSPHERE THAT WILL BE PRACTICAL and see how Each one of us applied the Ideas and shared the result so MORE LEARNING and ACTION can TAKE PLACE. 

Then guess what? Something happened dear Life builder..

The group took on a life of it’s own… It became a community of life builders forming a bond that was OUT OF THIS WORLD.

There is a deep sense of support that I cannot just explain…. Let me allow these WhatsApp pictures speak for themselves…

Please take your time and read EACH ONE OF THEM because these are the Unspoken Benefits of been in the INNER CIRCLE.

Mrs Victoria Felix got 10 visiting parents to pick up their Registeration form worth 30,000. 

Proprietress of BOFAK school got her parents to fill the referral and feedback forms provided

She also used the sponsorship letter to raise 20k cash which was a suprise to her

While treating on Objections at Inquiry she shared PRACTICALLY how she does it in her School

She celebrated her birthday

She got a Flood of love from the INNER CIRCLE

This came up after we had a GUEST EXPERT training on the PLATFORM

More Comments on the GUEST EXPERT TRAINING

Mrs Chineneyenwa Bassey Shared some materials to provide help to a question asked by a Life builder


Mrs Oluwatoyin Olawoye had to comment on the generosity of the PLATFORM and the SUPPORT

Mrs Oluwatoyin Olawoye shared how she was in tears due to the SELFLESS NATURE IN HOUSE

THE PROPRIETRESS of Stone Crest School shared on the general how an Idea she got from the PLATFORM got her 12 students on the first day of resumption

Mrs STELLA Bennibor talked about how this was better than any EDU SEMINAR IN THE WORLD (My reason for a MASTERMIND GROUP)

Mrs Olubanwo Olufunmilayo talked about how she has been alone for 10 years, but now she has a SUPPORT

THE PROPRIETRESS of Tonia School Talked about how SHE GOT VALUE for her money

Mrs Victoria Felix talked about how a SPONSORSHIP LETTER from the IDEA MACHINE got her bank to sponsor her party with 50,000naira


This is when I knew that this was greater than me…

But here is the truth, the leadership of the community help set the pace for some of the things you are reading on the page

The Inner Circle is opening again And I have to Admit it that, I will only be pushing this for the NEXT 5DAYS… and it’s closed till 2020.


LOOK AT THE LIST of What you have missed since the inner circle was inaugurated… 

Here is the Real Kicker for the next 4 months…. 

(Mastermind Business Atmosphere)

1.0 STAFF EVALUATION WORKBOOK In the first two months we will be looking at a workbook you can use to end the year and evaluate your staff’s contribution to your school. 

The evaluation workbook will ASSESS

20 ways to talk so your pupils listen

Creative play

School Improvement Ideas

Dealing with Students that disturb others

Teachers display in the Classroom

Establishing school/classroom rules

Assessment for learning

Developing parents Orientation Programmes

Marketing for your school

Fun class Activities to end the term

Tips for teaching spelling


Classroom that teach

Teaching thinking

The warning signs of learning disabilities


Teacher Appraisal

Preventing Children from cheating

Dealing with Angry parents


What Teachers make

Organizing homework at your school

Organizing a successful open day at your school

Foster the love for maths in your class


Understand this that the details here is to help you sit with your staff and get through a brainstorm to see the level of contribution each member of staff is bringing to the table….

You need to have this WORKBOOK I tell you


Immediately we are done with that


We flow into

(Mastermind Business Atmosphere)

2.0 Developing delegation strategies that gets you to stop shouting and free up your schedule

Now I will be bringing up a dear Partner

 Here is she

 The Visioneer of Brook Stone Schools

 She manages 3 schools in

 Victoria Island



 With over 500 students combined in the 3 locations

 She is an Author 

 And she also trains on

 Jolly phonics

 Fish farming

 Now how she does all of this, I don’t know but she will be sharing some insights with us by this month…

(Mastermind Business Atmosphere)

We then finish up the partnership this topic

3.0 The GROWTH TEMPERATURE :- Signs you must spot to arrest your school from decline and what to do to bring it back.

Pretty amazing time we will be having again….

You can Outhink Everyone around you by 10 times


 You can Outearn Everyone around you by 10 times


You can Outperform your Competition by 10 times    


As my Inner Circle partner  

Now once you come in

I always have fantastic Bonuses to share, you know.

I will be sharing some resources that will be useful for you…

It’s include

  • Bonus 1:- A 12 part video series that explains how to teach Reading with phonics….
  • Bonus 2:- A 2 script drama your students can act at any of your event. I wrote each one for 3000 naira..

Infact I have over 36 of them I paid a script writer to write. I will be giving you just 2 out of them

One is on


The other is on

Sexual Abuse

You can adjust them to suit your school

  • Bonus 3:- I will be giving you a video on 14 bed time stories your children can watch and learn from.

I have tried…..


So whats the cost of getting in

It’s 20,000 naira…

You know why…

It’s an Investment of 5000 naira per month to be a part of the Inner circle when I am not making an offer like this oneoffer…


Am not kidding..

So here is what I am doing this time…

INNER CIRCLE MBA (Mastemind Business Atmosphere)

Is going for 4500naira till Friday…..


The ball is in your court to make a decision


IMPORTANT:- Since you have made it this FAR I assume you are ready to join the INNER CIRCLE MBA, DO IT NOW, as the seconds pass, the deadline is approaching and I won’t EXTEND.


MORE IMPORTANT:- 4500 is a ridiculous amount compared to the value this brings as shown above, and I have made this so Affordable everyone reading this can get it including YOU can GET IT. Friday is too much time to make a decision, AFTER FRIDAY IT IS TILL 2020 or you pay 20,000 to access







HOW DO I REGISTER?:- Click the link below button below so you can be directed to a whatsapp contact to register     


THE LINK IS NOT GOING BUT I WANT TO JOIN NOW?:-  Thank you for your interest in getting the INNER CIRCLE PARTNERSHIP


To get in pay 4500 into
Account name: – Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun
Bank: – Zenith Bank
Account number: – 2085336654


It expires in a few days


Once you pay chat GBEMISOLA up on WhatsApp to be added to the Inner Circle MBA group on 08135273197


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