Do You Know The Secrets Of Dominating Your Competition?

Find Out What You Have Been Missing......

Dear life builder….    


Do you care about competitions?    

I really don’t    

I have an aggressive desire to win all the time    

And I know you do also  

If not you won’t be reading this page.    

In you lies the desire to be on top

And not on top for a period of time    

It Is to be on top always…    

To do this    

You must kill the idea of competition in your mind.    

You know why? You are a winner and you should be winning consistently.      

A competitive mindset will slow you down    

A competitive mindset will make you think others are doing better than you    

A competitive mindset will make you have sleepless nights..      

There is one mindset you should have    

You are a dominator and not a competitor.    

Let others compete.    

You simply dominate..      

Lions don’t compete with each other..    

They walk in prides    

They fight together    

They win together  

The eat together  

They defend themselves together      

This is who you are on the inside….      

If you think you are in a competition    

Then you will be so scared    

You will have been frustrated    

You will have be cowered in by the scare of parents threatening you up and down

Come on    

This is why you must Awaken the L.I.O.N in you    

Take the non violent way of exerting revenge over that feeling      

Don’t think in terms of competition again    

Let that stop.    

Think domination…    

I don’t observe what my peers are doing.    

I have my own path, I have my own destiny…    

I am a winner always, I always win    

But I kid you not.    

Getting this mindset is more than reading this write up…    

You can get Reved up and roared up right now    


Once you get a bad news about your school again    

You run into your coven like a loser    

You begin to ask God why me    

Stop that    

This is why I want you join the inner circle      

Remember I said L.I.O.N.S don’t walk alone    

There is a reason for this..    

Just stay with me..    

One popular channel I love to watch everytime is the National Geographic Channel    

And once I watched a Lion trying to attack the infant of a WildeBeast    

The Lion eventually did attack it, but it didn’t kill it,    

Suddenly the WildeBeast got angry and ran over the Cub of the Lion      

Imagine a whole lion    

To make matters worse    

The lion ran away and couldn’t do anything    

Then something happened    

He went and Beckoned on Her pride    

And the pride of Lions came out..    

Hey my Jesus    

The WildeBeast wished it never made that stupid mistake      

About 8 of them pounced on it at the same time    

It was pure VENGEANCE   

The lion alone looked weak    

But the lion with her pride looked insurmountable.    


What’s the relevance of all of this to what you do today….        

You are just as confident as that Lion    

But you need your Pride…    

You can’t do it alone…    

This is why you need the Inner circle    

And here the opportunity to join This Pride again..

Firstly we Had over 420 (Four hundred and Twenty Individuals) in the Inner Circle MBA


Here is the statistics of most people represented on the platform as taken at the beginning of the class, from all those that responded.

Lagos (110)
Rivers (13)
Abia (11)
Enugu (5)
Ogun (38)
Osun (6)
Oyo (19)
Edo (8)
Abuja (18)
Plateau (3) 
Delta (18)
Nassarawa (2)
Akwa Ibom (5)
Imo (8)
Kaduna (2)
Togo (2)
Nassarawa (5)
Niger (1)
Benue (1)
Anambra (11)
Cross River (3)
Ondo (6)
Kwara (4)
Kaduna (2)
Kogi (1)
Bayelsa (2)
Ekiti (1)

Here are some of the shocking words from the Current Inner Circle M.B.A Class

Vitally Important Is This Testimonial I really Want You To Read!!!! from Mr Akinladejo Fred

The Inner Circle L.I.O.N

  • Life-Saving
  • Intelligent Solutions
  • Opportunity presenting
  • Nation Building      


Group of Life builders…    

This is another FOUR months drive….    

To prove this is the L.I.O.N TRIBE see for yourself    

  • Life-Saving

Look at how they saved the life of one of us who was sick in December    

She almost died    

And they all raised money to save her life…      

That’s something else

  • Intelligent Solutions


This is where We get together to learn from me myself     

Where I share current trends and strategies to beat your competition hands down, that is if you are still thinking Competition.    


Remember you are in the L.I.O.N’s PRIDE    

I rid you of fear totally. 


Check Out What A Dear Life Builder said about what I Teach in the Inner Circle

  • Opportunity presenting


This is where you get to ask your questions in the group and everyone tries to solve it..    

It’s like an online school where questions and answers come from motivated folks    

You get the opportunity to hear from people who are far ahead and it helps you not make the mistakes they make.

  • Nation Building  

    Obviously I am not an encyclopedia    

    So it’s not possible to know everything    

    My specialty is in marketing and customer psychology      

    But hey    

    Every Saturday someone is teaching something you need 


And that’s not all    

I will be walking you through these in this quarter

All this is worth an Investment of 20,000 per Quarter

In order to make sure you keep winning    

You will have access to the free resources shared in the inner circle over the period of 3 years    

This is located in the inner circle Library  

See a screenshot of the Library

And we are still updating

Here Is The Offer


My inner circle is 5000/month….    


When I am not making an offer…    


So for 4 months it’s will go for 20,000

And I know it’s worth more than that…    


But Hey!!!

I am not taking in more than a specific number as I don’t admit more than 2 WhatsApp groups…        


So I open it up today…

Join the Pride Of L.I.O.N

The Inner Circle L.I.O.N

Once Again I Welcome You

HOW DO I REGISTER?:- Click the link below button below so you can be directed to a whatsapp contact to register        



THE LINK IS NOT GOING BUT I WANT TO JOIN NOW?:-  Thank you for your interest in getting the INNER CIRCLE PARTNERSHIP



To get in pay 4500 into
Account name: – Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun
Bank: – Zenith Bank
Account number: – 2085336654



Once you pay chat GBEMISOLA up on WhatsApp to be added to the Inner Circle L.I.O.N group on 08135273197



2020 We Break Records… 



Stand Out  



Teacher I.T    



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