The REVOLUTIONARY End of session Idea generation MACHINE



Greetings to you my Highly Esteemed Life builder

Now I would like to help you experience a fantastic result with your end of session party event...    

Let's face it...    

Result for everyone is different.    

When I am talking about results. I am not just talking about how people come to enjoy your end of session party food.    

I am not talking about people just coming to have fun and all of that.    



An impactful end of session party is intelligently planned to

Show case what makes your school unique

Form strategic partnerships that can generate money and Enrollment for you...

Help further build and cement the brand of your school...

Create a deep Love and affection for your School 


Sincerely what am about to show you is easy as ABC....

Why do I make such bold statement?  

First of!!!!!!!

let me tell the story of a school owner...    

Her name is Mrs Arinola    

She attended one of my masterclass programme. 

 The event itself was filled to the brim. 

Here is a picture of the event


After the Event I personally connected with her    

And we got into partnership....    

Now get this.

She had been on a 3 year enrollment stall    

Her school was well situated, and the school fee investment was quite High....    

She thought she had done all she knew    


She could not just break beyond her number of students..    

All of these times she has been on 9 students..    

Even though she had 9 students    

She was well priced as she could still conveniently pay her staff    

But, here is what she wanted

just like every normal, forward thinking person desires...    

She wanted to add to that number....    

I got into her situation and suggested some things to her which she implemented during her party and more importantly after the party.


Your party should be done with a strategy or else you will just spend money feeding and entertaining people with nothing to show by next session (God Forbid!!!) 


This is the testimonial result of our discussion.....


The truth is...    

Nothing happens by chance, Everything happens by choice...    

All credits to her    

But she needed an IdeaPad to spring her up...      

If you want an immediate impact in your enrollment next session    


Then drop all you are doing and focus on what am about to say...  



  The REVOLUTIONARY End of session


It's an EXCLUSIVE note report that explains 

It was First Released in 2019 and here are the testimonials

Such Thoughtful and Inspiring words right?

The REVOLUTIONARY End of session Idea generation MACHINE 2021 UPDATED RELEASE

  • Certificate samples to award outstanding students in your school (NEW)
  • 25 Gift Ideas to give students on this graduation day (NEW)
  • Content package for your end of session party inclusive of the order of program and event   
  • 3 Captivating School Owner Speech delivery sample that convinces your parents to be sold on your partnership offers   (NEW)
  • Drama presentation scripts for your students to introduce the programme 
  • 7 Long form Drama presentations scripts to showcase your student's diction skills, speaking skills, confidence and poise (NEW)
  • 50 little poems for Children
  • Partnership letters that can help you get sponsors for your end of session event   
  • Partnership letters that can also serve as invitation letters to key personnel's in your community this will help increase your school Awareness 
  • Partnership letters that can help you spark up enrollment decisions



 Now once you follow my suggestion in the end of SESSION idea generation machine you will...     

Flood your gates with inquiry for Summer school and Enrollment....    

And of course you know...    

Your Party is just a JIGSAW in the whole PUZZLE so I will be showing you how to move from Party to Enrolment   


Just like the Image below 


 In addition to you getting this END OF SESSION Idea Generation machine,

I will be giving you the following so it will help you kickstart your NEXT OFFER and have a WOW SUMMER SCHOOL    

  • 60 story book gifts for your parents that they can download and read to their children, this will definetely set you apart as a forward thinking school (NEW)
  • A 2.48gb Science Video folder, containing 151 (One Hundred and Fifty One) videos on Science, life science, physical science, primary science, Chemical Science and Mathemactics which you can use to wow students during your summer school (NEW)
  •  Pre-arranged spelling bee words for all classes to help you organize a fantastic spelling competition during your summer School  
  • 33 most common mp3 rhymes for kids to help train your children's speech. Why mp3? so you can use it on your phone or in a music box 24/7   
  • 54 science puzzles for kids to engage with during SUMMER SCHOOL
  • 14 different summer school games for kids   
  • 4 parts (A 4-hour-long video series in Endless wordplay for kids) you will love this one   
  • 100 Minutes of Best Amazing Science Experiments and Tricks That You Can Do At Home By HooplaKidzL  


    Now in addition to all of these already MAGNIFICENT bonuses.... 


 For everyone that purchases this offer you will have access to the new Inner Circle group for next quarter...      

In case you don't know... what the Inner Circle is, the Inner Circle is where I help Over 700 Life builders to


Outhink the Competition by 10 times


 Outearn the Competition by 10 times


Outperform the Competition by 10 times    


As my Inner Circle partner  




Here Is The One We Just Finished



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Here is what you will be getting in the next 4 month once you get the End of session IDEA MACHINE



    Before you pay, Here is what you should know.

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I sold the older version of the End of session party Ebook with No bonuses at all, sold it last year with bonuses and this year now I'm adding bonuses worth over 43,000 naira 

I sold this older version 3 years ago with No Access to the inner circle, you know why? 5 Secrets Inner circle itself comes with an investment of 4500 for a 4-month subscription when it's opened, when it is closed it comes at an Investment of 5000/month or CLOSED TILL THE NEXT OFFER

This is a Total of 43,000 for what I'm about to give you ( The value is way more than this)

It should be obvious that I am mercilessly attempting to induce you to get this End of Session Idea Generation Machine. Why am I doing this, I want you to fully utilize the highest and best profit and growth potential of your End of Session Party till your 1st Term Enrollment


    PLUS!!!!!!  dont miss out on the Inner Circle please, I dont want to close it without having you in... 

Look below for testimonials from the Emotional Intelligence session of the just concluded Inner Circle



    For this reason the Idea Generation machine will not be sold for N43,000


You have access to it in the next 5 days for



After that I will sell each of these fantastic products individually at an Higher amount of course.


So the time starts counting down now

IMPORTANT!!!:- I am sure that by now you can see that you wont find these Awesome benefits anywhere else. Time's ticking.




HOW DO I REGISTER?:- Click the green button above to pay online     


How do I apply all the ideas in the Idea Generation Machine and also the bonuses?:- Dont worry, you will be added to the NEW INNER CIRCLE GROUP where you will tear down these Ideas and you can apply them immediately to get results







Thank you for your interest in getting the End of session Idea Machine


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