This Is A Call To You To Join a Family
With a Golden Touch, Silver
Tongue, and a Mind as Strong as STEEL

Dear life builder….    


If child birth is that painful

Why do women keep giving

I am asking this question for a reason just stay with me

June 10 2020 my wife Gave birth to our first Child

Look at him below, such a cutie

Buts that’s not my point

Because of the nature of my work

I witnessed almost every step of this Blessed child up there

Right from conception to the labour

Yeah the labour

Labour started around 4pm

I mean, the person that called it Labour didn’t miss this one

 And she endured that pain from 4pm – 10pm




I almost burst into tears

I was so touched by that pain

I prayed and told God After this no other

You won’t blame me but I have prayed to God not to mind my prayer that day.

That day I agreed that Women are stronger than Men

Why am I writing all of this?

Stay with me

Wait first


If you are a Man reading this, just take a chill and see where I am going to, this my Invitation is dedicated to the tenacity I see in WOMEN


That experience further solidified the fact that Women are strong


No wonder


You find them more in the Education Sector


Let’s face it


It’s beyond the profit


It’s that connection


A mother is always a mother,


Indeed men that understand this strength and connection do equally well in the sector


The thing about this strength is


You then get to transfer it into all you do


Like nurturing your school to make sure it survives at all cost


No pain in life can be like the pain of labour




That’s why you rarely see School owners who throw in the towel


Yes rarely..


At least in my circle

See this Life Builder who was not moving forward in 5 years and Joined The Inner Circle, see her story below

Flood of Encouragement came in and See how she came back strong

 And she is not the only one

Here are others too

One Life Builder is Strong Enough


Now imagine the Network of strong Life Builders



That’s what I call this next Inner Circle G.R.I.T

Generating Reserved Intellectual Tenacity


Now why am I talking so much about the strength of a woman here

I was mentored by my mother

And just at the beginning days of my consulting work

When things were very tough

Guess what my motivation was


These women on the streets

Who will spend hours in the sun to make sure their family is okay


I told myself daily

If these women never gave up despite the meagre money they make

Who am I to complain of trekking in the sun to help the next school


That’s what this Inner Circle is about

Generating the strength you need for the next phase


Physical strength

Emotional strength

Intellectuall strength


Here is what I will be helping you with in the next 4 months

See for yourself

I am not new at this at all

Here are some of the shocking words from Inner Circle Participants

That’s more important to me than any financial status in the world

So what’s the next level for you

More students number

Opening of a new branch

Relocating your school

Opening multiple profit centers

Whatever the next level is for you

Here is what will take you there




This is not your first time generating strength

Infact you have done it severally through birthing lives 1,2,3,4 or 5 times


How much more growing a school

Nothing Compared

We Launched The INNER CIRCLE S.M.A.R.T in October 2020

The Inner Circle S.M.A.R.T

This was our focus for 4 whole months

Then I gifted the Profit BluePrint to all Participants

Here are some of the kind words from the Life Builders

Now We Are Going A notch Higher and Launching the G.R.I.T

  • Generating
  • Reserved
  • Intellectual
  • Tenacity       


So I am Inviting you to join our L.I.O.N Inner Circle (The G.R.I.T)


This is where we gather our strenght to pursue the next phase of our work


By the time you Spend 4 months with us in the G.R.I.T community


Here is the detail of what we will be doing in this G.R.I.T

it’s a DEN for pushing you to Generate Consistent Result Consistently and STRIKE BACK against EMOTIONS that keep you subjective to a COMPETITION

The worth of this DEN is ₦13,000 monthly for the period of 4 months that is ₦52,000 to Access it but I won’t bill you that

before I tell you how to get in


here is our focus for the next 4 months again

and That's not all

You will have access to the free resources shared in the inner circle over the period of 4 years    

This is located in the inner circle Library  

See a screenshot of the Library

And we are still updating

Now how much do you think all of this is worth really 5,000/monthly which is 20,000 for 4 months?

Its worth more than that,

but my focus for building this Inner Circle is beyond money

It’s a Love mission to Access this Inner Circle G.R.I.T 


Here Is The Offer

My inner circle is 5000/month….    

When I am not making an offer…    

So for 4 months it’s will go for 20,000

And I know it’s worth more than that…    


But Hey!!!

With a measly 4,500 you will get Access to


    • My personal partnership with you on the group
    • Helps and attention of other seasoned family members in the inner circle   
    • Library Resources gathered over 4 years which has been from the contribution of all inner circle partners   
    • Access to Our Inner Circle Video Training Room On Facebook for Video Training on our crucial topics

and That's not all still

Members Have opportunities to present their Products and Services following a proven FRAMEWORK on


Some of The Trainings Presented Includes

and That's still not all as you will have Access to all The Blueprint 2020 and 2021 Conference Videos from our 12 Unique Speakers who tackled topics like

Meet The Speakers Here

and Here

The Inner Circle S.M.A.R.T

Once Again I Welcome You

You are not the only one saying this

See What she said too

Let me ask you the question do you think all of this is for a 4500 value really?

it worth way more than this sincerely and I am still not done

If you are asking why am I doing this at such Ridiculous amount

Here is my answer,

I explained it at the beginning of this letter to you.

It’s Because I love You and your success is my Success So Immediately you sign up you get added to the PRIDE

In Addittion to The Super Abundant Value you also get this

Immeditely you sign up

You get added to the PRIDE and we get set for our first SESSION where I will Dissect THE PROFIT BLUEPRINT

this will launch us into our 4 months family time together

the summary of it all is YOU WIN, I WIN

There is a clause to it though

This will not stay for long


This inner circle was last opened in October 2020


So I have closed it for 4 months


Once this is gone till the next 4 months again and it could be longer who knows, the last two inner circle lasted for 7 months


so here is your access to the G.R.I.T Pride

HOW DO I REGISTER?:- Click the link below button below so you can be directed to a whatsapp contact to register        



THE LINK IS NOT GOING BUT I WANT TO JOIN NOW?:-  Thank you for your interest in getting the INNER CIRCLE PARTNERSHIP



To get in pay 4500 into
Account name: – Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun
Bank: – Zenith Bank
Account number: – 2085336654



Once you pay chat GBEMISOLA up on WhatsApp to be added to the Inner Circle G.R.I.T group on 08135273197



2021 A Year Of Unique Experiences… 



Stand Out  



Teacher I.T    



Important:- The Only thing that Stops People on the Road To Success is Fear and not Failure, and you don’t get boldness from knowledge alone, you get Boldness when you see likeminded individuals do what you think wasn’t possible. Live and maximize your potential. Join us as this ends in 5 days  



5 days to shut the DOORS.

If you have a little more time Check out the Library of Kind words below, this is my real real motivation, I am waiting for you in this G.R.I.T PRIDE