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Guaranteed Ways To Avoid Money Scarcity In Your School By Blocking The Holes First and Then Creating Multiple PROFIT POINTS

Dear Life Builders,


I spoke with a life builder once


She has been my partner for the past 5 years now


Here is her video below when she recorded one of her highest enrollment


And she told me a personal story that you can learn from


You See 

Some of us including me hates to be a burden to others




We want to have the cash we need, when we want it without having to explain to someone what we want to use the money for in other to get it


 I hope you got that


So she mentioned a simple plan she made before she started her school


As a teacher then she packaged phonics teaching and onboarding for schools


And booked it at 20,000 per school as at 11 years ago,


She did it for some time and raised the money from there to start her own school.


Pause and re-read this.


Can you see the ingenuity?

What she did here is a simple way to raise money without having to borrow or explain herself to someone


A good friend did something similar while we were in the University

Post Jamb students were going to write examinations in his school

So he did something

He talked to the people he knew to make some space available in their room for 500 per night for the post Jamb students so they could write their exams


He then went to the notice board and printed a notice that if the Students needed to rent a room for as cheap as 1000 per night they should contact him


He did that for about 60 students and made money without owning a room himself


What’s my point exactly


To tackle the issue of finance in your school

You need to understand these things 

There are 3 Ways To Win With Your School Finance Today

3 solid ways…

1. Increase Your fee:- This is actually the simplest and fastest thing to do

Although not as simple as it sounds but is one of the ways

And for the record, there are 3 ways to increase your fees too, I will tell you once you get into the inner circle 

Let’s continue

2. Create more things to sell:-

And this is offering more services for your parents to buy

More than school fees and other fees

You get into doing this by thinking of more and more services to offer

Finally and most be importantly


3. Sell to other markets:- Apart from your parents, you create products that other people will need.

Other markets mean

Other schools



Children and others

I have done this for myself and countless schools



You must see far ahead to eat the fats ahead



When it comes to school business you must be able to think in this manner to get the most income into your school

it’s a pattern I call PROFITABLE THINKING

but Here is the Truth 


Profitabe thinking is like Cooking a delicious meal 

Profitable thinking is like Cooking a delicious meal, If you don’t have the right ingredients to spice things up, it can never come out delicious 


But when you do, the whole yard will want a taste of your meal

for the next four months I will be serving 4 HOT MEALS in the Inner cirlce

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We will be discussing 4 major things here




2. The Culture of Money Printing Using The Intellectual Consultant system


3. Motivating Your Team As A School Leader


4. The Profit Blueprint




See The inner circle is a university on its own that vomits Fresh Ideas on a daily basis from me and other wonderful participants who have been my partners for 5 years and counting


See what current participants are saying

No jokes at all at the results many are getting and have gotten


Let me make a bold claim


It’s impossible to go through this Inner Circle and you apply what I write and not create unique growth ideas

That’s for sure I tell you


See another Testimonial

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And that’s not all


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Alright. See you in the inner circle


Teacher I.T