Millions of Naira Are Made by Schools who Integrate The Digital School Into Their Learning Management


 These Schools Don't Only Make Money, They Earn Their Parents Respect, And a Very Strong Prestigious Reputation For Being a 21st Century School

Dear World Class Life Builder

One of the worse feeling you can ever have as an Educator is for others to see your school as insignificant


But that's not as bad as your parents seeing you as insignificant


Painful to be compared to a school down the road that is constantly innovative

Everyone loves a bit of attention

Yeah you do too cause I know you to well


Even if you don't

Your school cannot grow if it doesn't have your parents attention


This is not about giving your school an online presence



It's integrating your day to day operations into technology making your School Artificially Intelligent


What do I mean? I will Explain


But Before I get into this


Please note, this is for schools who think of prestige, recognition for innovation and Financial increase, See some fantastic comments from our current clients

Well done for your jolly nature and efforts to ensure we enjoy the website. So far we’ve been able to navigate the portal. It’s user friendly.


This is very fantastic and easy to use portal. The more I'm getting to use it the more easy it is to use. I must say that the update and upgrade on the portal is really superb. Thumbs up and well done sir

Mr. Opeyemi (GPS Montessori)

I appreciate you and your team, especially you for your patience. You're always there to help out & that encourages us (your clients) Thank you once again.

Beulah Montessori School

Why Use Our Digital School and make your School Intelligent? 


  You have at your finger Tips an Access To a World Class Software, with an Artificial Intelligence that helps Upgrade Your School with this functions

School's Brand and Profitability? 


  This will Increase the perception of your school and help get parent to pay higher fees for your products and services, you will also attract High Value parents too 

Communicate with parents both with app and free SMS


  Let Your Parents Reach You effortlessly. Reach them seamlessly with the click of a button also. Parents will never leave a school that communicates with them 

Set School customized examination for your unique Learners 


  Objectives, Theory, Promotional Exams, and Enrollment Examinations... Wow!!!! all athe click of a button

Hold live and Recorded Classes from your digital School

  You really need Take your school down to their rooms, and Wow them with your world Class set Up

Give Assignments online


  and let your students also submit their assignments via your Learning Management system Online School, isn't that cute

Manage staff records

  You need to have all the detail of all of your staff at the click of a button from Old staff, to new staff, its time to stop stocking up you office with files you never open.

Time table manager


  Put your time table into the digital school and get prompted

Help Your Secondary school Simulate ALL their Science Practicals


Help Your secondary school SS3 with over 20,000 questions that can help them clear their JAMB Once

Helps Teachers with a Lesson note planner

Now Delight Yourself In The functions of Digital School Management system


Manage all school’s Dormitory, Subjects, Classrooms, and Programs of study


Locate teachers, subjects, classes and students in few seconds

Print Teachers and subjects they teach for any term or academic year


Print class lists, student in a particular program, level, status, house, etc

Terminal Reports with subject, class and level positions and an auto generated academic, attitude ,conduct, etc

Recognise all students and debtors at a click.

Print Student Bills, Class Bills, etc

Add Additional Fee Items to a student, gender, house or bill

Student Academic History from Admission year until now

Student’s admissions list, Number of Students Admitted for any academic year

Directly monitor performance of Class and Student.

Get access to information easily.

Manage the School from a central point.

Parent access to Ward’s Information Class attendance records, etc.

Statistics on School growth rate

 Your School Can never be the Same again once you consistently Integrate the digital School Into Your Daily Operations.

Schools Connected To The Digital School Includes

Elpaal International School

Clear Path College IBADAN

Beginners Basic School

Beulah Montessori School

Toyek Triumph College

Prominent Schools 

Reign In Life Int'l School

St Joan's School Lagos

Kiddies Arena Academy

De-Connel Childline School

The Elect Int'l School Lagos

Manstone Unique Tees

Steve Unic Academy

Hodaviah Schools

Noble Strides International School

Designed 4 Kids Montessori

Amavina Model Schools

World changers Schools

Steady steps Schools

Pamfound Model Schools

Spring Leaders Academy

Carina International Schools

Arrow Head Schools

High Quality Customer Support 24/7

Let the Digital School Announce and Skyrocket Your School's Reputation



Then you are Blessed as we are Opened to work with a few schools this month


Here is what we do for you 


For a flat rate and one time non refundable payment of 45,750 instead of 356,000 we will set it up for you



Most Digital school require you to pay higher fee as you have a higher number of student and also pay a yearly subscription fee but ours is a one time flat payment for your digital school

Then you pay a termly Access fee of  ₦800 per student instead of 1000 (You can Charge Your Parent any amount For this from 1500-15,000 or more, depending on your parent type)



You also have access to a one term  FREE TEST RUN AND USAGE


This means you can use it for FREE for one term after the Initial SET UP FEE, the DIGITAL SCHOOL COMES WITH A FREE WEBSITE ALONG SIDE


But this is just the beginning, Along side with your Digital School You will have access to us helping you to 



Update the content of your Digital School as much as you want for FREE

E.g. Your activity videos, pictures, testimonials, and New offers



Helping to Run Facebook Adverts to make your website visible to potential parents who can register. 



We will be adding the Opportuned schools who take advantage of this offer to a group



And get their data every month to update it on the website....



I know you are set to do this...


Join over 60 schools who use and love The Digital School














FOCUS HERE:- If you don't have 45,750 to invest and build your DIGITAL SCHOOL NOW please DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS as this offer is for IMMEDIATE ACTION TAKERS 

As We are all on ground and ready to start up with you as soon as possible for immediate results.

FOCUS HERE AGAIN:- If you we are managing your website already, you are in luck as you just pay a token of 15,000 to upgrade your website to a DIGITAL SCHOOL, website not managed by us will pay 30,000 naira for the upgrade (all other terms stated above still applies to all)

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