Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun is the founder of 5 secrets community an intellect property of Steve-Unic and company….

5 secrets community is a community designed to help steeply competitive businesses gain market share, become extremely unique, dominate the competition, generate a high number of leads and convert them to paying and loyal clients without having to spend a large amount on publicity or advertising.

He is the creator of the unique sales process that has helped competitive businesses in Nigeria such as schools, who have applied His Ideas to dominate their competition and get new Registration in as little as 14 weeks. (1 term)

He inspires over 13000 school owners who He personally refers to as life builders every day from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, India, UK, USA, and all around the globe through His Website and Whatsapp community

Falohun Itunu lives in Lagos with his lovely Wife BuKunmi and Son Oluwamayowa and He organizes free events for students as part of His social responsibility to His community through the three books he has authored which are “keys to getting admission faster”, “from failure to Academic success” and “understanding and demonstrating your leadership influence”.


At the Core of who I am is a heart for Teenagers and Youth, to take care of them by equipping them for life, through speaking, teaching, training, coaching and counselling. 

I am a personal growth & development trainer, who spurs teens and youth to live awake and maximize their potential, living wholesome and holistic lives, so they can in turn impact their world. I have over 10 years’ experience with teaching, training, counselling teens and young adults, A published author of The Academic Excellence Devotional, Conveyer of CONVERSATIONS, an 8-week online bootcamp for youth with a focus on 6 core areas: Personal Growth, Spirituality, Relationships, Health& Wellness, Finances and Work, an Academic and Life Excellence Equipper for teenagers and a volunteer trainer for the John Maxwell Leadership foundation (JMLF) with my focus on raising the next generation of leaders in Africa.


I am a trained accountant, member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), with over 6 years work experience in professional services both in Nigeria and USA.


Married to my Love and King, Omobolaji and mum to Samuel.


Victoria Felix is an astute administrator, a prolific writer, a consummate leader and a pragmatist in the teaching profession, with close to a decade exposure in the school business as a proprietress and over two decades in the business world, which has exposed her to the intrigues in the business world

She is among many other things, a farmer, realtor, trainer, writer, educational psychologist, proprietress of a group of schools, wife, mother, the list is endless. Academically, she possesses the following qualifications, B.A English Literature, M.A. English Literature, PGDE, M.ED Educational Psychology, PhD Educational Psychology (in view). All from the prestigious University of Lagos.


Joshua O.Falade is a dynamic man with many parts.

An author,ex-banker,serial entrepreneur and ICT person with certifications and trainings in Digital Marketing, CRM,Business Intelligence, Oracle Database,Vedic Maths&Hydroponic Farming to mention few.

A Masters Degree holder in Economics from the University of Lagos,Joshua is a multiple awards- winning author of great books which include:

  • 7 Absolutely Unbeatable Strategies to Prepare Your School Against Post-COVID-19 Shocks
  • Secrets of Running a Debt-Free School,
  • The 360 Degrees Youths,
  • Study Skills&Practical Success Guides etc.

Joshua Olabisi Falade is a consultant to NAPPS,Lagos and a mentor to 100s of Private Schools across Nigeria and beyond in the areas of income generation,debt management,capacity optimization, finance etc.via his platforms, Secrets of Debt-Free School.

He’s married to Barrister(Mrs) Tunrayo Falade and they blessed with a boy and a girl.


RonkePosh is a serial entrepreneur who loves to empower people. She owns the best preschool in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria called PoshBabiesandkids and also a Children’s Entertainment Company called PoshPartyPacks. RonkePosh is the Founder of the Helps at Homes Initiative which focuses on Parenting in the 21st Century and the proper recruitment of domestic workers in homes in order to prevent risks to families.MRS DIDEOLU FLORENCE K. ADEKOGBE’s PROFILE