Don't Wait For Third Term To Prepare For SMASHING Enrolment Records,

Now Is The Time To BEGIN!!!

Dear Life Builder....    

If you don’t have ambition, please stop reading at this point

Cause I know,

I know the challenges you are facing

I know the economic situation

I know the rising cost of things

I know

If you allow all of these to put you in a state of POWERLESSNESS, you are risking people looking at you as LAZY and WEAK.

My dear Life builder, it’s better people call you these names





Powerful Achiever

Think of it, just think of it for a moment.

Do you think anyone likes to follow a weak and unambitious leader?

Someone who is ruled by his or her emotions, and would rather complain rather than take actions.

The economy is happening to everybody mind you

While some are milking it out to cement their resilience, others are forming a Pity party.

And if you think the wicked world out there responds to pity,

Then you must be joking.

People don’t pity you at all, they don’t.


They mock you behind you,

Make jest of your story,

Say words like Na who send am?

So I really don’t know why you think being pitied will get people to take action.

Some even call parents meeting to discuss on

Cost of things


And hope parents will pity them as they are about to increase fees.

The more you project yourself as unambitious and weak, everyone will take advantage of you.

Your teachers will

Your parents will

Even life will mess with you, so the greatest response at any time is to respond with dominance,

Show that you have a plan,

Show that you are in charge of the situation,

If not, SHUTDOWN and find another thing doing.

See don't mind what others think of you at this period, cause you will start making demanding decision on yourself and everyone around you

And they might call you








But when you generate the required results, they will come back to appreciate your push.

But pushing for the sake of pushing is not what I am talking about here at all.


Enrolment Especially


Preparation for it must start now, what to do and put in place before Third term knocks on the door at all.


Yes exactly…


So let me ask you a certain question,


What is the Highest Number of students you have ever registered in a term?


Write it somewhere


You see that number you just wrote down?


We are going to SMASH THAT RECORD


How? you ask me

First see people eating  

Enrolment Records for Lunch


In a competitive business like this you can’t afford to be a Weakling at all.


You can’t afford to let the last disappointment Hold You To Ransome.


Your emotion is your greatest strength and it can be your biggest prison.


So for the next 4 months we will be laying the ground work for breaking our enrollment record.


Here is our focus,


For the first time, I will be working alongside you, to lay the groundwork for an enrolment smashing season.

Don’t come with complaints please.


This one might not be for you,


Come with a mind to implement and implement fast.


Here is what we will be doing for the next four months;


February:- Enrolment Gameplan :- What I Will Put In Place If I Had A Declining Enrolment 

March / April:- 5 Secrets Implementation :- Ground Work For An ENROLMENT HARVEST

June:- Converting Inquiries :- What To Do To Make Sure They REGISTER

In Addition,

I won’t be the only one talking, as the Inner Circle is structured in such a way that there are various Intellectual contributions.

We have other trainers who will be adding their own wealth of knowledge and experience.

They come in on Saturdays. Here is the range of topics they teach

You will find a topic and resource that will definitely help you.


Here are some of the shocking words from Inner Circle Participants Over Time

But you see those weekdays, they are mine to eat

We will focus on enrollment all they way

We Launched The INNER CIRCLE GLOBAL in October 2022

The Inner Circle GLOBAL

This was our focus for 4 whole months

Then I gifted 10 Fantastic Ideas To Attract Parents To Your School to every participant

Here are some of the kind words from the Life Builders

Now We Are Going A notch Higher and Launching the SMASH Inner Circle



YOU get MY EBOOK on Emotional Smartness For Life Builders for FREE.

You’ll Read This First So You Can SMASH all Mind Limitations


Here is the detail of what we will be doing in SMASH

it’s a DEN Of Lions for pushing you to Generate Consistent Result Consistently and STRIKE BACK against EMOTIONS that keep you subjective to a COMPETITION, I handle my emotions so I can keep creating like I just created a Canadian business here 

The worth of this DEN is ₦13,000 monthly for the period of 4 months that is ₦52,000 to Access it but I won’t bill you that

before I tell you how to get in,


here is our focus for the next 4 months again;

and That's not all

You will have access to the free resources shared in the inner circle over the period of 5 years.

This is located in the inner circle Library.

See a screenshot of the Library

And we are still updating

Now do you think all of this is really worth 5,000/monthly which is 20,000 for 4 months?

It’s worth more than that,

but my focus for building this Inner Circle is beyond money.

It’s a Love mission to Access this SMASH!!!


Here Is The Offer


My inner circle is 5000/month….    


When I am not making an offer…    


So for 4 months it’s will go for 20,000

And I know it’s worth more than that…    


But Hey!!!

With a measly 4,500 you will get Access to


    • My personal partnership with you on the group
    • Helps and attention of other seasoned family members in the inner circle   
    • Library Resources gathered over 5 years which has been from the contribution of all inner circle partners   
    • Access to Our Inner Circle Video Training Room On Facebook for Video Training on our crucial topics

and That's not all still

Members Have opportunities to present their Products and Services following a proven FRAMEWORK on




Some of The Trainings Presented Includes

and That's still not all as you will have Access to all The Blueprint 2020 and 2021 Conference Videos from our 12 Unique Speakers who tackled topics like

Meet The Speakers Here

and Here

and Here

Once Again I Welcome You

The Inner Circle SMASH

You are not the only one saying this

See What she said too

Let me ask you the question do you think all of this is for a 4500 value really?

It’s worth way more than this sincerely and I am still not done

If you are asking why am I doing this at such Ridiculous amount

Here is my answer,

I explained it at the beginning of this letter to you.

It’s because I love You and your success is my Success So Immediately you sign up you get added to the PRIDE

There is a clause to it though

This will not stay for long.


This inner circle was last opened in October 2022.


So I have closed it for 4 months.


Once this is gone, till the next 4 months again and it could be longer who knows. The last two inner circle lasted for 7 months.


So here is your access to SMASH

HOW DO I REGISTER?:- Click the link below button below so you can be directed to a whatsapp contact to register        



THE LINK IS NOT GOING BUT I WANT TO JOIN NOW?:-  Thank you for your interest in getting the INNER CIRCLE PARTNERSHIP



To get in pay 4500 into
Account name: – Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun
Bank: – ACCESS Bank
Account number: – 1479274262



Once you pay chat GBEMISOLA up on WhatsApp to be added to the Inner Circle SMASH group on 08135273197



2023 A Year Of Unique Experiences… 



Stand Out  



Teacher I.T    


Important:- The Only thing that Stops People on the Road To Success is Fear and not Failure, and you don’t get boldness from knowledge alone, you get Boldness when you see likeminded individuals do what you think wasn’t possible. Live and maximize your potential. Join us as this ends in 5 days  



5 days to shut the DOORS.

If you have a little more time Check out the Library of Kind words below, this is my real motivation, I am waiting for you in SMASH Inner Circle