Global Relevance Is More Important Now Than Ever For You As An Educator

and you must find a way to tap into the opportunities the world provides without forgetting your roots of course

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Have you ever desired for your school to have a certain feel?

Have you ever desired for your school to look a certain way?

Have you ever wished your parent saw you in a particular light?

Have you ever desired yourself seen in a certain way?

This is not just about growing but becoming someone who can use his or her educator’s skill and experience to become a global person

Becoming an educator who can use his or her experience to access opportunities around the world

Either virtually or physically

What do I mean you will ask I suppose?

And this is the focus of this current inner circle.

Let me get into it

This year I had the opportunity of traveling to Canada with my family, its always been in my heart to travel and experience the world

But being young and being a Nigerian wasn’t favorable as the visas I applied for were denied without even considering my works

So I came across a piece of information that will allow me become a Canadian citizen in the next 30 months…

and I am willing to tell you about these opportunities amongst other opportunities too, just stay with me.

This is my first time out of my beloved  Nigeria so be sure that I had to get my phone handy as I capture pictures and memories


Aboard the KLM Flight

And it’s not to run away from Nigeria, no it’s not. Its so sad that you cant travel in peace as a young person, you cannot even mention that you travelled to Canada, everyone assumes you are not coming back 

Not everybody is trying to escape Nigeria, at least I am not as I am making a very huge impact in Nigeria, and enjoying it everyday of my life 

Just you know 

This might not be popular, but it’s not my school of thought to run away from Nigeria, there are so many opportunities that Nigeria offers and only a Nigerian can recognise these opportunities and design their solutions

If you don’t know me by now then you should, Nigeria has a sea of opportunities that the intelligent will continue to tap into on a daily basis

And not only Nigeria but all other parts of the world too and thats the purpose of this Inner Circle here.

Here is the truth

You must not think as just a Nigerian anymore if you want to impact Nigeria on a global Stage, you must be able to think as a world-class citizen and that’s more reason why I decided to get myself on a path to citizenship in a few months

So I Travelled To Canada For 3 major reasons


  1. Never travelled before so I needed to get my passport opened up, not just for me but for my family so we can all access global opportunities

2. To see education marketing from a global perspective outside of Nigeria and I can say that as private school owners we are not doing badly you know

3. To get new citizenship so as to get access to any part of the world I want to go to, at any time I want to go without any restrictions

See the list of things I did immediately on my Journey To Canada


StopOver at Schipol Airport Amsterdam

22,000 above sea level in Calgary Banff Canada

Peace Bridge Calgary Canada

New Friends Of The Family

I paid for a 2-month program with Kris Murray on Global school marketing


Wonderful isn’t it

Then I began to notice some gaps and opportunities as I move around, and I think that for smart educators this will be a great opportunity

For example

1. Nigerians wish to have Nigerian school owners here, teaching their nursery level with Nigerian curriculum of course balanced with the Canadian experience, but i see the desire there

2. Nigerians here pay teachers from Nigeria to coach their children in subjects like maths, Yoruba, Igbo and some other basic subjects

3. Canada is in dire need of educators, they are even willing to employ you immediately after you land, while you take your certification with them, you will get paid both from the school and from the government and I thought to myself, why not make this known to my inner circle

That’s where this Inner circle came from and we will be talking about these things for the next 4 months hopefully

We can’t finish all I have to say in one inner circle but we can try as much as possible

So for the next 4 months, we will be looking at

If this is your first time joining the inner circle then you just have to read the testimonials about the inner circle

The truth is, the inner circle is bigger than me, even though I am the leader of the inner circle, it a self-directed group that helps

1. Reveal my own thoughts about my discoveries in the education sector

2. Reveal the thoughts of professionals in the inner circle

3. Connect with these professionals even outside the walls of the inner circle

Its bigger than me

I try as much as possible to keep up, but I tell you that it’s a sea of conversations that generate so many practical and deep thoughts

Some of these thoughts come inform of numerous free materials that are shared and have been compiled in the inner circle Library

Read the Inner Circle Testimonial on the library and see the content of the library below 

this and many more has been shared over time, and I will be updating the library with my summaries alongside other write ups

See what the last participants had to say about the inner circle again

At times I am embarrassed at how cheap this is to access for 4 months, just 4500

and do you know what’s funny, some people have been paying for the inner circle since the inception, since 5 years ago when it started and we have over 800 participants now 

see it’s not just about what I will teach, it’s the functional environment the inner circle creates

So I am opening up access again for the next 1 week at 4500 to join, after which it will be closed again for the next four months

See what we will be talking about in the next four months and that we referred to it as Inner Circle GLOBAL

This inner circle is talking about, Global marketing practices and Global Travelling opportunities

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Teacher I.T


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