AUTHORITY BRANDS:-  How To Build an Intellectuall Property Business and Become a Unique Solution Provider that No Brand Can Compete With



  When you look back at 2020 you will be amongst the first success minded thousands who accepted the inevitable reality of the 21st Century which is leveraging new media for business...


First a warning!!!!!!


Dear Partner   

Do not read this unless you are already RICH (Making more than 50 million Naira per year) and you don't need to make more money, this is definitely not for you....    

Much more do not read further if you don't wish to create the following....

  • Lasting Impact on People ·        
  • Lasting peace of mind ·        
  • Unending Streams of change in the life of people ·        
  • CONTROL over your time ·        
  • Ability to work from anywhere you are in the world ·        
  • Enough money to bring to pass some of your desires

 Now listen to this very Carefully!!!!!!

If you desire to have these things I stated above.    

Drop all you are doing now and read this to the end.       

If you can get to the end of this. I will show you in 5 easy steps on how to achieve all I have stated above.


 Let me tell you the story of how a school teacher (ME) went from earning N39,000 per month to creating a 6 and 7 figure income every month


My name of Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun, I am the first child of 3 children  




I am the first child of my extended family, my dad is a pastor,  my mum is a Teacher, I practically grew up in a middle-class family where we had to manage what we had, and I was doing great, I personally told my self I was not going to grow up to take after any of what my parents did...      



You know why?  


They were not making so much money, so why should I put myself through this stress in life, so I decided I was going to be a banker or something, it seems to me that that's where the money was. So as soon as I left the university, I started applying for job positions in the bank, I applied most times to work in the Marketing department,  I don't know why but I just love the idea of marketing, luckily for me, I got recruited in a bank and I was quite excited.....  



Here is a picture of me wearing the shirt of my bank below

 Here is another picture of my business card at the bank.... 

I worked at the bank for 7 months, I met my target every month and it was fun all the way. In 7 months of working in the AB microfinance bank I worked in 2 branches,  Akoka/Bariga branch and Oke Arin/Idumota Branch, all in Lagos.  


You see      


I woke up one day and I got tired of the Job. I enjoyed the Marketing side, but I wasn't happy because of something.  


What was it?      


My parent are teachers so I grew up teaching from a young age, I grew up reading a lot of books too courtesy of my sweet mother.


Look at a picture of me and my sweet mum below..... at the back is my dad's church during construction


So at the bank, I could not teach through out those 7 months, I did not have time to read, so I felt exhausted and resigned.       


Here is where my teaching journey began, I applied to a school at Ikeja called Chemline Academy.       


Here Is a picture of me celebrating one of my students birthdays at Chemline

 Here I found my fulfilment again.  


You should know this that before I left the bank I was earning a salary of close to N150,000, but at the school, my first and only salary was N39,000        





Things we do for what we love, even though I was not making much money, I was more fulfilled, I kept doing what I love and the learners loved me.  

In fact        


I won the award for the most popular teacher in my 1st year of being in the school, I was appointed to be the year tutor for the Ss3 class also, I organized field trips for the learners with my own finance, It was really fun.  


I also took the learners to programmes organized by Standard Mandate International (S.M.I). and at SEA SCHOOL    


Now in doing this        


I discovered many things, so I began to write them down. That's a story for another day. My effectiveness in the school was known to my mum who is also a school owner. So she told me why can't I do the same for her school.  


So I resigned from Chemline just after a year

And I started with my mum's school,

Now Here is a very weird decision I took


I told myself I wasn't going to earn a salary from my mother's school, that it is going to be a seed to her work. Her student's number was very poor then. I created some things in the school and we had a surge in registration.

It was fantastic      

I documented everything and named it the 5 secrets of school growth and I decided to teach others


I had no source of income from the school so I needed to create my own source of income. I spent my first year going to schools, knocking on doors and I got some schools to sign me on...     

Here are some of their pictures and testimonials from my first set of schools all offline

 I am Alhaji Bello the Chairman C.E.O of Bright Group of school and I am the immediate past chairman of the Agege chapter of proprietors of private schools. I got in contact with Mr Itunu precisely a year ago, and since then he has been involved in the marketing of our school and he has been doing a wonderful job, he has been able to sell the school to new parents and by the time you look at our admission figure this session 2017/2018 session you can see a lot of difference, a remarkable difference, I have no doubt in my mind to recommend him for any of my colleague, who is looking to increase the enrolment figure in his / her school Mr Itunu has been of a great help


 Stand Out sales university has helped our school tremendously, His strategies made us increase enrollment in no time, he is focused and knows what he is doing with His strategies are tested and trusted. Mrs Oshewa Shining Stars School.


 Stand Out sales university helped me convert 21 new students in few weeks of working with them, this is the highest number we have ever converted in 2nd term since the inception of this school 5 years ago. Mrs Folarin Leaders Gate Montessori School


 Since we started working with Mr Itunu we have a tremendous working relationship, he has helped us to discover some of the hidden opportunities we are not using in our school, and we have gathered over 200 new prospects in the few period of working with him. I really advise anyone that runs a school or any other business that feels like he/she needs a sales expert to bring out the creativity in their school to actually call Itunu right now and make that decision, ThankYou.  Mr Asikpo Wise Stars Schools


  Now in that time I never made more than 94,500 in a month....     

Here are screenshots of my Microsoft Excel sheet for my income from October 2016 - April 2017


  Screenshots of my Microsoft Excel sheet for my income from MAY 2017 - September 2017

But something happened along the line, in November of 2017, I took my business online and  my income jumped. Look at my Income from November..

470,000 in NOVEMBER !!!!


 143,000 in December (I didnt Make any offer)


 535,500 in January


 845,000 in March


 876,000 naira for April


 900,500 for May and June (Made over a million in June) will show you as you read on


 N667,500 for July


 N499,800 for August


 840,500 for OCTOBER


 These are real figures, now I really want you to believe this, let me show you my account statement in JUNE Where I made over a million in that month

 This is a snapshot of 4500 payment for ONE EBOOK In JUNE 2018 into my account..


 MADE 1,138,250 in JUNE 2018

I hope you believe what I am saying?        


You see, I was shocked to see the possibility the internet brought to my business, and since then it has been a story of one Testimonial to the other...       


Please note, I am not just collecting money here and there... I am providing solutions for my clients....


Here are some of the testimonial..  


 Here is a VIDEO TESTIMONIAL of one of my Client



 Here is the truth......     


In generating these results above I had to start learning new skills, You see, I started taking online and offline courses and all these helped me to make more money.  


I took Victor Ekpo Bassey's community mastery programme... This is Victor Ekpo Bassey in the Black T-shirt in the picture below   


Here is a picture of me (The guy with a wide smile)  at the Brand Acceleration workshop.....

 I took Toyin Omotoso's 7 star Mentorship course (A paid Programme), here is a picture of Him mentioning me when I made my first 1 million online.....

Grant Cardone on Sales


Anik Singal on Copywriting      

As I took these courses I made more money and my skill level kept moving up, Hmmm and this is was just my first year online, I have gone to make much more today. The truth is I think everyone who desires to 

  • Create lasting Impact in People ·        
  • Create lasting peace in your mind ·        
  • Create Unending Streams of changes in the life of people ·        
  • Have CONTROL over your time ·        
  • Ability to work from anywhere you are in the world ·        
  • Enough money to bring to pass some of your desires

Here is the testimonials of Mr Dickson using the same A.B.S method to generate N138,000 in 4days

Here is what Mrs Adeyanju Oparemi Taiwo also said when she got her FIRST ALERT

If you desire all this I stated above and you also want to be like Mr Dickson and Mrs Adeyanju Oparemi Taiwo and many more  I have worked with, You Should take this seriously.     


In achieving this I stated above, I have identified for you how you can easily replicate this result in your own business, I created the A.B.S system for that. A.B.S stands for AUTHORITY BRAND SYSTEM ™


Before I reveal what the A.B.S is all about, Let me tell you this...    


Anyone can do this if they follow this proven system.


That's the truth.....      


You know why? That's the same system that produced that result for me and Mr Dickson

You see

You don't have to know how to operate technology   

You don't have to know how to write a code    

You don't have to stop what you are doing currently      

You don't have to travel anywhere        

In fact.     

All you need is a BUSINESS OR PRACTICE THAT IS CURRENTLY MAKING BETWEEN 1million to 50million per Year

With this on ground we can use the ABS system to get your Business Revenue up 




what's the A.B.S system?  It is composed of 5 elements... Here is it in the picture below 2

 1. Message:- To make you undertand the unique message you have, which can be brought out from your knowledge, expertise or your experience, understand how to communicate it, and the stories that can help you communicate it extremely well, this makes you BOND with your target Audience like no one will  


2. Method:- Create a unique method for delivering your message, in a simple and linear way that makes everyone quickly  identify with the solutions you present just as you are currently doing with this..  


3. Market:- Create messages in my customized 5 step process that makes it very easy to connect with the need and the desire of the market(s) you will be serving, and also how to use the Congregation Method to make this market respond to you and choose you as their most trusted, most liked and most loved advisor.  


4. Money:- Show you different markets and what you can create to make money from each market, plus how you go about creating products that can make you multiple streams of income from each market  


5. Mentor:- Show you the 4 sets of people you need in your life to help you produce the maximum result, and how you can tap into each of these persons to get the motivation to do what you have to do    


You need the flow of these 5 things today to make more money off what you love doing already.     

You should know this that it's pretty simple once you understand these 5 things....      

The point is      

I can help you understand it and make money from understanding it....      

If you will like to know how to start making money through the A.B.S system      


Keep reading....        


I will be hosting a 6 week partnership to help increase your business Revenue. What will I will be doing during this Partnership? My team and I will be holding your hands at this Workshop to help you...      

  • Know Your Business Objective
  • Look at your Current Business Asset
  • Analyze your numbers
  • Figure out YOUR own message       
  • Figure the best method to communicate your message      
  • Identify the market your message is relevant to     
  • Identify the product you can sell to these markets and how to structure it...     
  • Identify how you can get this done without even lifting a finger to do anything
  • Then focus on one thing we must do Each week to get closer to our business Revenue

Much more important we will identify how you can quickly hit your REVENUE OBJECTIVE RIGHT FROM THE FIRST WEEK OF PARTNERSHIP.......


In addition, I will use my Authority Brand Tools to Help you Achieve this as Quickly as possible, some of which includes

  • Write compelling messages just like the ones you have just read       
  • Convince people through the written word     
  • Build a brand that can make you between 300,000 to 1 million naira a month by the side...       
  • You will also get asses to a 4 week follow up class after the workshop where we will implement what we have learnt..   
  • Access to the online version of the workshop also for that period of time

Let me show you the breakdown of all we will be doing below


The 1st live offline A.B.S workshop held on the 28th of November, 2019 at Ikeja, Lagos, and I am about to host you again


  1. StandOut A.B.S Bag
  2. StandOut A.B.S Note Pad and Pen
  3. Tea and Small Chops
  4. Continental And Intercontinental Meal


WEEk 1         

  1. The unravelling of the Intellectual Asset that can quickly get you to making 300,000 thousand per month and beyond        

  2. Creation of the method that can easily connect with your target Audience, and present them with the solution your product represents ·  
  3. Identifying the market that your solution attracts ·       
  4. Writing out the desires that motivate your market to take action ·    
  5. Discovering different products that can be sold to this market  


WEEk 2         

  1. Creating the Ad copy that gets your target market interested in your brand
  2. Creating the pre-sell story that gets your market to know, like and Trust you, in order to create a bond with you almost immediately

  3. Creating Educative content that helps you build a clear path solution for your target Audience (this content is based on your Intellectual Asset) ·        

  4. Creating Sales pages through a 5 step writing method that gets your market salivating in making a decision to buy from you almost immediately  

    WEEk 3         

    1. Identifying the profit centres you can build to scale up your monthly income per each product    

    2. Using the 5-way product creation formula that can quickly help you in creating multiple products for your market ·        

    3. Creating subscription offers that makes sure you keep money flowing into your accounts all of the time  

      WEEk 4-5   

      1. Designing of all our webpages
      2. Buying of Domain Name
      3. Opening of Email Marketing Tool and writing the Emails
      4. Designing of landing pages
      5. Designing of Sales Pages




  1. How to run Facebook Advertisement at a very cheap rate ·   
  2. How to Track our Facebook Advert by installing Necessory Pixels 

  3. A PDF summary that can help you with examples of 133 magical openings that makes your readers beg for more, 333 greatest selling words and phrases, 226 copy transitions and connectors which makes your write ups so sweet to read, 31 closings that makes your market quickly pay for your products and many more. 

 Another Thing Is...

 The total value of this Authority Brand System offer is a whooping N1,150,000!   “And I want to put this system in the hands of 10 people only



N75,000 ONLY  


We are having this Partnership PLUS for just few participants, and the whole programme  comes with an investment of 75,000 NAIRA only. We don't take in more than few at a time.


If you don't think this is for you, guess what? It is for you,  




The internet has come to stay and it has interrupted how we do business today, don't deny yourself of this opportunity to add this extra source of income to what you have already, and get super appreciated in the process.  


Your family will thank you for it, don't let that knowledge you have die with you without it becoming a blessing to thousands round the globe, much more, you can make money from that knowledge.


Do not let that business of yours die in the localty while it can reach over 20 million Nigerians and you can make money from it....


Here Is How To Attend

  1. Click on the Green button on this page
  2. This Button will link you to one of our Staff who will have a Free Discovery session with You
  3. This Discovery session will help us know where you at right now and where you would love to be after the 6 weeks programme
  4. After we see that you are a good fit for the ABS we then proceed to payment 
  5. The purpose is to Help you Generate the Result you want, so you have to be qualified for it before payment is made
  6. This discovery call is STRICTLY for those who would like to BE A PART OF THIS PROGRAMME



 Here is my Guarantee....    


If you Invest Your time, money and yourself in this 6 weeks Programe and come to this workshop and you will find value,  and when I say value I mean making your first 300,000 naira online in 90 days of implementation    



What if I am making more than a million naira monthly already

That's pretty awesome... Its time to add another stream of income that can make you another 1 million, money can't be too much....


Can I pay to your Bank account directly?

Yes you can and here are the details:


Account Name: STEVE-UNIC AND COMPANY Account Number: 0054351884

Please send an email to  

to confirm receipt


Send a Whatsapp / text message to 08036627658...


Please Whatsapp or text only so you can be attended to on time    


What happens after I pay?


You will be added to the ABS group on Whatsapp, where you will get the preparatory materials to be a part of the workshop The location of the workshop Description to the workshop venue and also the Time for this workshop  


Who can I reach out to if I have issues? Please send an email to or add 08135273197 up on Whatsapp and send a message   


 What happens If I don't have money to pay now?
Well the truth is, my business is structured in such a way that I dont have to hold trainings to make money, I understand how to build Profit systems, so I really dont have an Idea when this will be coming up again, and if it does, it won't be for 75,000 naira (thats is if you are not part of the 1st 10), if you are part of the 1st 10. Good for both of us because you will have it at a give away offer of 75,000 Naira. IF not you will be redirected to the offer expired page below...

BUT I don't want that for you so click the button below


 Talk soon.

Falohun Itunuoluwa Seun

Stand Out Sales University  


VERY KEY INFORMATION:-  This will be the only notification you receive and we will not be expanding the offer beyond the level I’ve set in this letter which is 12 days. If you wait, you’ll lose this opportunity. Don’t let that happen to you. Register now while this is fresh in your mind. This page is been read by 12,000 other people so I am sure the 10 slots at 75,000 naira will sell out FAST. Please Don't waste your precious time... (Falohun Itunuoluwa)

The Discovery Call is SPECIFICALLY for those who will be taking up the ABS partnership offer and Attending the Workshop

If you will not be taking up the ABS partnership offer, THIS CALL IS NOT FOR YOU


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