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Below is my motivation for doing this for you

THE DAY I SAW MY SWEET MOTHER IN TEARS....... She is all happy now though

Around 8:48 pm on a faithful Wednesday night, I came home back from my marketing duties at my bank AB MICROFINANCE BANK and I saw my mother lying on the couch. 

I asked her how is your school and she burst into tears saying “I am closing it down” I asked why and she replied She is trying all her best but she is not experiencing any numerical growth.

We went into a conversation and I asked her what she tried, she said a whole lot of things from calling in advisers to having her teachers sent for school growth workshops, to having her teachers trained on Montessori Method and a whole lot more.

She was totally discouraged. You see I was so touched by her tears that I went back and thought about my experience with marketing for my bank for the past 1 year and how I could use that to TEST some ideas for her school.

I resigned from the microfinance bank and took over her school marketing duties and I discovered some school growth secrets that once you apply them you will continually experience growth EFFORTLESSLY (STUDENTS NUMBER ADDITION TO BE PRECISE).

The result for her school is that she went from having 35 students to 98 students all in one session of trying out these secrets, In that same period I helped her attract between 150-220 new students into her school and we never used handbills.

I have gone to helping about 95 schools all in the last 18 months to achieve this feat

Some of them include. 

Bright hope Comprehensive college Ogba went from 189 to 260 students in one session

Flora School Ogba form 215 students to 262 students in one term of starting with them, then registering 23 students in their JSS1 class in the next session which was the highest number ever recorded for that class. The previous year’s JSS1 student’s registration never exceeded 10 students. Flora school also recorded 43 new students that same term (These was all done with an expensive school fee)


Shining Stars School Arepo  (completely new school) went  from 6 students to 42 students in two terms


Leaders gate Montessori School Dopemu from 98 students to 145 students in two terms, also registering 21 students in a single term (2nd term) which was the highest student number ever recorded in the school in a registration

Funktob School Arepo went from 47 students (struggled under 50 for some time), and grew to 64 students in 2 terms of working with them, registering 22 new students in 1st term of the new session (also a new high number for the school)

 Just to mention a few




The question is do you want your name added to these list of growing schools?

Go to your Email inbox right now and check your (inbox, Spam, Promotions and important), I have sent a confirmation link to you there.

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